Price difference changes a room: Reasonable avoid duty is saved below more than

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"Current, buying and selling is secondhand the room trades the 11.6 % that the top tax cost in the process collects scale to had obtained total prices fund. Unless of business bid is an individual only dwelling place, fixed number of year already passed 5 years, and it is average house, at this moment the ability of tax cost amount of bilateral and total pay falls lowest, for 2 % . Recently, the reporter hears of have a citizen trying a kind " price difference changes a room " new pattern, can fall tax cost a bit lowlier. How is this to return a responsibility after all?

Model case

"With be being changed greatly small " chance encounter " with small change greatly "

Change a room to avoid duty, not be to do not have a person to had thought, but always do not have so fortunately. How are two two houses likely does as it happens satisfy the need of the other side? Professional agent also thinks, change a room to match didymous difficulty is too tall. Wang Xiaojun of praedial general manager was in Mo Zi early last year in September on the west the open up on ancestral temple alley the communication that change a room is stuck only, encourage Nanjing netizen to follow actively stick, the hope increases the possibility of the success that change a room through huge information. Nevertheless, up-to-date, this success is led still very low.

The netizen follows at the same time stick, at the same time judge path: "This idea is too good. But, the person that wants to change a room is with small change big, with old change new, where to go searching with be being changed greatly small, with changing old person newly? Not actual. "

Nevertheless, this " fortunately " true still gentleman giving Hou is touched went up. Mr Hou has one to manage the building of alley of sound of drum-tower area deep, gave the door 5 minutes to be able to reach elementary school of deep sound alley, walk 10 minutes to be able to reach Shanxi road, a sector of an area is quite nice. The 74 two rooms of smooth rice cover the area, just the building is bit older, build at going up century at the beginning of 90 time, and in 7 buildings. Mr Hou says, parental age is old, ability to walk is very no-go, by force of the building tall, often be do not go out all the day. Cannot take exercise, also cannot communicate with other old person, such lifestyle makes him very afraid. Accordingly, mr Hou of one mind wants to change a house to parents.

Cannot think of, live in water Mr Zhu on park of Mo Chou lake also is thinking Ximen Dajie to be changed to the son bit better learn an area, what what the house often nods is to not be afraid of. These two fortunately acquaintance, mr Hou asks, mr Zhu lives 2 buildings, area 72 smooth rice, village backside is new build south lake park, the conditional as it happens of the house accords with parental requirement.

Still having an important segment is house price, two house price cannot be complete equivalence. Because be dilettante, two family were asked very tacitly assess division value, area, new old, a sector of an area, door model, the element such as front makes component integratedly, value of Home Hou house property 680 thousand yuan, value of Home Zhu house property 628 thousand yuan, the price difference of two flatlet is 52 thousand yuan.
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