Foreign capital is swarming into Chengdu commerce real estate to be faced with i

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Besides 10 thousand outside amounting to a group, the ground of triumphant heart buy that comes from Singapore also announced his to save museum plot to devise plan external recently. It is reported, project of the plot that save rich will this year the end of the year begins construction, predict finishing 2010. According to the program of ground of triumphant heart buy, province museum plot will build Chengdu to come blessing person square, whole square will be formed by 5 buildings, among them two are first class office building, additionally 3 have the property pattern such as hotel of class of service type apartment, 5 stars. Whole square has the commercial property area of 82 thousand M2, will introduce high-grade general merchandise, super sell field, high-definition cinema to wait. In addition, project of square of ground of benevolence constant buy also is at present among intense construction process.
No matter be 10 thousand amount to bright and beautiful square of China town business, still be the project saving rich of ground of triumphant heart buy, or square of ground of benevolence constant buy, these property will be hotel of class of office building of shirt-sleeve first class, advanced apartment, star, high-grade sell the field city that is an organic whole synthesis. As these plot start stage by stage, what place of these foreign capital company that enter Chengdu bring is a large number of capital not just swarm into, concept of a few new trade pattern, management will be taken Chengdu commerce is landed, they charge quick control the speech of market of Chengdu commerce real estate to counterpoise. Meanwhile, those sell dispersedly, individual manage, the real estate of native land commerce that gives priority to body with common market shop also will be hit unprecedentedly, front of industry of commercial real estate is facing reshuffle.

The personage inside relevant course of study is analysed at this point say, from 10 thousand amount to commercial square to begin, chengdu commerce real estate will enter a new level, "+ of brand development business is compound model urban synthesis " the one general orientation that mode of brand-new commerce real estate will become commercial real estate below Chengdu one round to develop. The situation of commercial real estate that foreign capital has change Chengdu, commercial real estate is about to enter brand operation period.

Prospective trend

Complex system replaces large trade scattered business shop

Comb these foreign capital seriously in the behavior taking the land of Chengdu we discover not hard, they pat the commercial plot below to be built in property configuration, choose the residence, hotel, office building, large market trade that is an organic whole mostly complex system.

Be located in south Chengdu people road road square of 2 paragraphs ground of Ren Heng buy began construction in September 2006, plan in October 2009 finishing; The project includes boarding house of type of an office building, shopping centers, hotel, and an underground shopkeeper field and garage. Plot of museum of ground of triumphant heart buy plans to build a large mark sex omnibus project -- Chengdu " come blessing person " , the bazaar of the first class office building that includes 78000m2 of a floor area, 83000m2 and the hotel of 5 stars class that own 880 rooms or service apartment. Philippine peak group is about to make Luobin dark square in battalion doorway area (examine a map) , according to the program, development business will develop building of commerce of a large monomer, have one-stop shopping consumption function, will name for ROBINGSONSPLAZA, make its for western top class mart. Chinese buy industry also expresses, project of plot of former culture palace will make the integrated item that makes office building, bazaar, hotel and residence. And the lot of square of red star road that took on September 20, in its auction eve made detailed property program: Not less than commerce of 60% and office building; 15% what program hotel must not measure less at always building system, must press construction of hotel of 5 stars class, compatible residence area must not exceed 15% . After building, will be an assemble the super MALL that hotel of class of large market, star, office building, high-grade public place of entertainment, meal is equal to a suit, and will make the structure of ground mark sex with true Chengdu likely.
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