Shenzhen office building all price falls get warm again after a cold spell of th

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October, sale of market of Shenzhen office building is quite gloomy, skill office building is sold all sex of price occurrence structure drops. Deep harbor of Central Plains real estate the research center is newest the investigation report that gives heat shows, in October, of market of skill of whole town office building all valence is square metre of 22 thousand yuan of / about, annulus is amounted to than dropping in September 3 into the left and right sides.

Clinch a deal the quantity still is in low

According to monitoring, october, the market of Shenzhen office building is supplied relatively cool, except Na Shanna the head has fine this adds large building of fine a person of extraordinary powers anew outside supplying city, the heat such as blessing cropland, Luo Hu piece the area is not had continuously add newly supply.

The report of Central Plains says, in October, whole town is in carry out office building, the sale of partial office building continued the stable rate that nearly a few months come to, be like coastal city on the west, edifice of Jin Yunshi discipline; Partial office building lasts however the change that a few months does not have any sale data, if flourish exceeds classics trade edifice, Fu Chundong square edifice to wait; Additionally partial office building is like Hua Jiang square, after its open to booking an area to do not have change in two months, in October the bottom shows not work off part is locked up automatically to decide by the system, estimation origin at developing trade house already Chi Weijin of work off Dan Chi puts on record all right.

Researcher expresses, macroscopical policy element brings about Shenzhen office building to sell speed to drop point-blank directly. "Of office building buy the financial support with larger need, present constrictive money policy, especially ' office building needs a Fu Wucheng, interest rate is standard interest rate 1.1 times ' regulation, very adverse to office building sale. Very adverse to office building sale..

Nevertheless, october, because of new supply a large number of clinching a deal, make the market is turned over the small amount of a few months runs declining tendency recently, clinch a deal begin to rebound get warm again after a cold spell, clinch a deal in all skill office building 21 thousand square metre, annulus rises considerably than September 85.8 % , but still be in inferior level.

Second new dish enter " cold winter "

Second new dish performance is not brisk also. According to monitoring, october, of area of blessing tanaka heart second new dish did not clinch a deal basically, for in last few years place is peculiar. The report says, although the much of central area is in carry out building dish already entered trade end period, trade speed slow down is not had can avoid, but " 0 trade " the circumstance still appears very abrupt. Below the big environment with estate at present constrictive market, originally most suffer the market to pursue the heat area that boost the most advanced entered trade " cold winter " .
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