Nanjing: Room of fixed interest rate borrows 2 flatlet to cannot do

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Recently, bank of partial other place suspended securing interest rate room to borrow. Reporter from Nanjing open the bank of this business understands, nanjing did not stop, was in 2 flatlet refus however outside the door. Although China is in,add news channel, but the person that whether to mean loan is necessary to do room of fixed interest rate to borrow, still get Zhang calculating a pen.

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2 flatlet cannot do

Whenever add,cease, the loan that domestic commercial bank extends adjusts the plan breath pattern of interest rate by year after year commonly, added in all 2007 cease 6 times, the new interest rate that breath hind increases by 6 since this year still is borrowed. Securing interest rate room to borrow is agreement of the person that bank and room are borrowed an interest rate and loan time limit, inside loan time limit, without giving thought to the standard interest rate of the Central Bank or it is how market money rate is adjusted, implement the interest rate that agrees formerly. From 2006 first, domestic bank rolls out this room to borrow breed first.

Current, the light of Nanjing open of travel of big, action, Construction Bank room of fixed interest rate is borrowed, but as the Central Bank " 2 flatlet " policy and its detailed rules come on stage, room of fixed interest rate borrowed an object to also be restricted. The bank expresses, had not done the client that housing borrows money in the bank before only, ability applies for to deal with room of fixed interest rate borrow. As to what be limitted to be 2 flatlet, cannot conduct this business.

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Secure be to one's profit of interest rate may not

With smooth big bank room of fixed interest rate is borrowed for exemple, 5-10 year period favourable interest rate is 7.38% , 10-15 year period favourable interest rate is 7.78% , 15-20 year period favourable interest rate is 8.11% . And 5 years room of above Central Bank lends standard interest rate now for 7.83% , next float 15% hind favourable interest rate is 6.66% . Borrow money 8 years suppose 500 thousand yuan, wait for law of reimbursement of frontal principal and interest, the reporter calculated brushstroke Zhang. When using means of float interest rate to still be borrowed, the month is offerred it is 6732.57 yuan, pay accrual 146326.49 yuan in all. When using means of fixed interest rate to still be borrowed, the month is offerred it is 6911.8 yuan, pay accrual 163532.16 yuan in all.

Get from this, room of fixed interest rate is borrowed lend a month than average room for increasing 179.23 yuan, meanwhile, both interest rate difference is 0.72% . That is to say, add again when the Central Bank breath, when 5 years the attune on above interest rate exceeds 0.72 percent, the person that borrow money begins " stop caustic " . And " stop caustic " hind can " earn " how many, should inspect add amount of the extent of breath, loan and deadline of the rest reimbursement to decide.
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