Jing of Guangzhou the eastpart part shows intelligence to convert office buildin

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Inferior yellow Bu of fill of edifice of steel business affairs is high-grade office building is blank
Team of Guangzhou office building is accompanying Guangzhou to flourish and expand of economy increasingly, long-term since, guangzhou high-grade office building is centered basically in old more beautiful old the city zone and area of the Milky way of burgeoning the city zone, what such as of famous high-grade office building jumps over area of the edifice of world trade centre of beautiful area, the Milky way greatly is medium letter square and mayor edifice, the office building that other the city zone distributings is inferior to this two areas basically the integrated quality of high-grade office building is high. As in last few years the bitter fleabane break out of Guangzhou economy is exhibited, line of the products of Guangzhou office building and overall dimensions appeared the change of world-shaking, guangzhou brim the city zone also begins to build the office building that had the high-grade form a complete set that only urban core area just appears, heat leases yellow Bu area recently inferior edifice of steel business affairs is represented classically among them namely.
The project is located in the economic developing zone of new city of Guangzhou the eastpart part, the exterior is contemporary and fashionable, the hardware establishment such as the business affairs old hall of the center of business affairs conference that sets broad outdoors square, prefectural commissioner's office, imposing manner, the edifice is complete mode of service of high-grade office building uses according to downtown comprehensive and 5A intelligence configuration, luxurious decorate, management of property of international hotel type, it is the high-grade office building of the form a complete set of current and exclusive first class of pure business affairs inside this area. As we have learned, since the project begins to enrol business from May, terminally rolls out new floor to be rented very quickly to go out, a lot of demand clients ask more new floor is new roll out unitly.
Guangzhou the eastpart part inferior edifice of steel business affairs gets market gay reason, the integrated quality can besides the project is more high-grade than downtown besides office building, high-grade office building cannot compare other the operation dominant position of low cost, inferior edifice of steel business affairs with 5 yuan / of ㎡ exceed administration fee of small office building, initiate Guangzhou is at present pure the record low of office building administration fee, huge reduced the operation cost of the enterprise, catered to the poineering demand of low cost of of all kinds company adequately, the range of office area choice that additionally the project can offer is big, respectively by 40 ㎡ ~ 1587 ㎡ differ, still can combine freely, the space is concise and economic, the central air conditioning that the project uses intelligence completely still to change, every all take independence plan to expend a system, the client can master neatly use.
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