15 store all fronts withdraws Pudong of wet all-round victory of put up the shut

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Leakage night drives somebody division field, demit officer returns somebody native place. Last year Chu Gang from Guangzhou brandish division " northing " the intermediary company all-round victory of Shanghai, withdraw its in all fronts of 15 doors store of Pudong however nowadays, withhold inn of door of Pu Xi part only.
Before building city refuse to budge, the tide of put up the shutters of large intermediary company is being performed ceaselessly.

To this, all-round victory (Shanghai) buy course of study limited company (next weighing " all-round victory " ) president Deng Yi army (Andy) is in the phone to " daily of the first finance and economics " admit, all-round victory goes in Pu Xi's Min only really area and general Tuo area withheld inn of 10 much doors.

All-round victory (China) buy course of study limited company describes all-round victory to be in Shanghai so on its government website " cruel grow " : "All-round victory held water in March 2007, already owned 30 doors store, employee is close 500 people, scope of business pervades Min Hang, Pudong, Pu Tuo, south collect, brake north 5 board piece. Although development time still is less than a year, all-round victory already entered the development phase with dovish high speed. " when lie between a year of half or so time, all-round victory begins Pudong of go no further.

All-round victory and Central Plains real estate, close rich brilliant (rich buy course of study closes to stand side by side below 00733.HK) banner it is 3 big intermediary companies of Guangzhou. 2003, all-round victory (China) president Chen Rong personally compose " bigger Yue Meili " , this article is regarded as the battle an official call to arms before all-round victory is outspread by industry later.

To wholesale shut up shop because of,move, deng Yi army explains, shanghai building city is undertaking new round adjust and split up, right secondhand intermediary industry produces not little impact. The wait-and-see sentiment that buys the home as before, the market continues to maintain ankylose condition, clinch a deal the quantity is apparently atrophic, many door inn realize gain hard. Below such market background, stem from the long-term development of the company and interest consideration, it is normal to shut door inn to become lift.

The Pudong that all-round victory all fronts withdraws is high-grade residence collect area, also be current and secondhand the room clinchs a deal dejected weighs disaster area. Yesterday, beautiful couplet property is advisory (Shanghai) the newest statistic data of limited company shows: Shanghai share is high plate washer piece is secondhand the extent that the room hangs list price case to become loose is increased, maintain basically in 5% ~ 10% between, annulus is compared the dimensional extent of bargain increased 2% ~ in June 5% .

Blueness of senior manager Luo Yan introduces foreign subsidiary bank of couplet of beautiful couplet property, pudong couplet is foreign board piece the owner inside is investment objective mostly, accompany a client wait-and-see, clinch a deal the amount is small fan, periphery pushs a building newly dish dozen lose sales promotion, force secondhand room owner reduces the price, the bargain space extent that hangs list price from June 5% on tone comes uptodate 10% the left and right sides, have 70% what the room source of bargain space takes cause of integral sale room; Uptodate board piece clinch a deal all valence is 25 thousand yuan / square metre, the month is 26 thousand yuan on / square metre, drop 7% the left and right sides. Even if is such, the monthly outstanding achievement of many door inn still is " 0 clinch a deal " .
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