Investing first class of office building 4A is notional conduct propaganda only

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Have the building of mark sex most as the city, office building shows a person with high-end figure all along. In recent years, upgrade as the industry of Henan economy and Central Plains city group of economy pull move, zhengzhou office building with “ supply and marketing the posture of two flourishing ” steps down altar, “ flying ” enters home of common common people. But as opposite “ narrow numerous ” and more professional product, people cannot place on a par with the residence apparently when office building of choose and buy, for this, this period the issue that the reporter selects office building to must say a little with you.

[manage clear main threads of an affair] ” of first class of “5A” , “ is a kind of concept only

A lot of people are when office building of choose and buy, ” of first class of the “5A” that in can be being publicized to advertisement certainly, is full of, “ , “ exceeds the concept such as ” of first class of international of 5A” , “ to feel do not wear brains.

Review the office building product on Zhengzhou market, although on appellation each flaunts ” of “ first class, “5A” , but be multifarious however on product configuration. The personage inside course of study Mr Li explodes makings, ” of alleged “ first class is actually the way makes currently on a kind of market, the reason is very simple, because everybody is willing to be called ” of “ second class, wish the office building that any has 10 vitreous act wall, above praises oneself for ” of “ first class. And international first class is as synchronous as international on soft hardware, distain to praise oneself with afore-mentioned “ ” person associate with, unplug again taller class. There still is “6A” now even the idea of “10A” is simple belong to hype.

To such market phenomenon, mr Li reminds the person that buy a house, “5A” it may not be a bad idea, ” of “ first class, clear main threads of an affair must manage when buying office building, those who hold head is sober, give priority to with use cost with oneself demand, the acceptance that researchs the market when necessary the use state of degree and circumjacent and congener office building.

Henan model forest buy course of study Zheng Xinqiao of limited company president thinks, development of market of domestic office building is very rapid, the standard of judge office building can produce a change as different period, the alleged “5A” standard that a lot of second line cities that at present home includes Zhengzhou inside flaunt wantonly, did not reach level of right ” of “ first class far in fact, this judge standard can apply to the actual condition of each district only. And the standard of judge office building can have two main factors in the future, one is the application of modern technology, another is the application that zoology turns.
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