Investment office building sees hire excel value

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Involve the process that promote ceaselessly in residential price in, the risk also is increasing ceaselessly, the move that invests capital is become inevitable. In nearly one year of much office building market, can see apparently, a few former the capital of invest in residence, turning into office building market.  

Nevertheless, in the process of move, the experience that investment objective invests the residence toward contact applies office building to go up, still wear what overweight sees office building to appreciate space. This is an error actually. Office building investment and residence invest, the biggest differring is former more emphasize at hire, latter more emphasize Yu Sheng to be worth a space.

Guangzhou residence is investing overweight to appreciate, the hire redound that basically depends on the residence this not tall. Deduct all sorts of taxation, majority is between 3%-5% ; Add floor price to rise quickly, the extent that hire rises does not follow to go up far, make invest redound to glide further.

Office building is emphasized at hire, basically depend on two respects: On one hand, the hire redound of office building is more between 7%-8% , the hire redound of partial office building more be as high as 10%-12% , sheet is calculated with hire, office building has very good investment get one's own back. The 2nd respect, also be more important, the Mai Jiayuan that is two hand office building is less than the residence. The brunt that buys office building commonly is company of a few state-operated, it is a few investor next. The pressure on state-operated company very few capital, won't buy two hand office building basically. In light of the data that from the room tubal bureau publishs, guangzhou is annual and secondhand of office building clinch a deal quantity also with respect to 20 much square metre, have skill only 1/3 the left and right sides, keep balance basically with hand of residential just a little cannot be the same as day and character. If do not have next homes to take over, appreciate extent has many to was not used mostly. Average investor can buy two hand office building however, nevertheless they should be calculated according to hire bought price, the office building with tall hire, the price is high also of course, same area is the same as two office building of quality, hire is different, price also can have very big difference. The discretion of office building hire, it is the main factor that decides office building invests redound.

Accordingly, turn to the investor of office building from residential market, when choosing office building, cannot pay close attention to the discretion of price too, the experience that should inspect the development business of this office building to whether the success develops office building more, whether to have good office building government experience, capable to attract well-known big company, such office building, the possibility of tall hire will be larger.
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