Who 3 big kinds analyse is office building real investor

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Buy the home to be for private use client, this category eye has 3 kinds of investment client:

1, the project of export office building previously, client of stage HongKong and Macow is bought, below the circumstance that appreciates to was not gotten, invest to be given priority to in order to gain hire income.

2, domestic and international professional investment orgnaization and investment fund undertake whole are purchased. Large investment fund purchases property, basically hire to be held for a long time manage.

3, the investment sex client that derive comes out. It is the large state-owned company that large sheet clinchs a deal partly greatly very among them. One share investment client's main purpose is for for private use, but buying from time to tome before the judgement of look up sex, leave ample space for industry expansion, the one part of have more than needed is short-term inside rent external; Another part is in of for private use, buy property to make long-term investment.

The office building project of residential project approving is many emerge in large numbers, as a result of its hasten is bordering on office building, so we contain this category item for office building project. To this category eye, developing business end is the project 100% sell, because its price is low,this category looks, head pay proportion low, loan fixed number of years is long, big to investing client appeal, also invoked the purchasing power of client of for private use. Diminutive invests a client to have among them is the individual founds the medium and small businesses that grows partly greatly very, apt buys the office building of residential project approving. Client of investment of this kind of diminutive pervades the residence, business lives, the condition of numerous real estate industry such as office building, buying a characteristic basically is to buy an acreage small, total house money is inferior, agreeable psychology is a bit heavy. But this kind of diminutive invests a client, the amount is larger, the purchasing power that polymerization forms together also is very giant, it is office building one of groups are bought importantly in investing the market. Character jumps over tall office building, the proportion of small-scale investment client is smaller, jump over conversely tall.