The person that office building is used also decides to invest return rate

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The development be obvious to all of Changchun office building, can for who does so much office building plan? On the office building of the Changchun City, be what person writes in “ ” ? These people will decide whole office building invests the direction of the market and target. Below the circumstance that in the good and bad are intermingled of market of whole office building, high end low end coexists, the ” of “ office building of Changchun not only have large company high-key into halt, also small-sized company humbles abode temporarily, have more very person, between dweller and office, small inn, groom the class goes each its, quite a few “ let a hundred flowers blossom the meaning of ” . What deserve people attention most is, these “ flowers ” , appreciate the future that affects office building directly latent capacity.

Big company

The ” of “ all-purpose patch of ” of character of office building “

Bright edifice, medium silver-colored edifice is the well-known company distribution centre with the biggest the Changchun City. Arrive from HP SamSung, reach famous bank from world name look forward to, bright edifice and in silver-colored edifice centered the Changchun City almost all familiar to the ear can the company name of detailed. When these big companies choose office building, the situation that values above all and form a complete set, the consideration to price is next.

As a result of the look forward to of ” world name of “ Changchun, it is mostly a few be stationed in long branch, natural when selecting seat meeting is in charge of the influence of the company by on one class. Especially first branch, often need to pass the survey of a long time when selecting office site, not only need is stationed in lead aircraft compose to undertake choosing, the head office of very much even business should undertake making an on-the-spot investigation to Changchun, undertake thinking integratedly from the respect such as a sector of an area, form a complete set, dimensions, price, whole choice cycle often is as long as a few months. These enterprises often still choose office building with rented form, this is a few righter buying whole office building to undertake hack is a wonderful message for investor.

Grow cycle because of this kind just about, let a few office building be in the process of sell like hot cakes 2007, do not welcome wholesale company to enter halt. And once such company decides,be stationed in, the “ character ” of office building and price also when the river rises the boat goes up too. As the delicate change of center of economy of the Changchun City, politics, a few large companies had begun to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation carefully to market of Changchun office building, the possibility that a few industries had indicated to “ does not eliminate to change the office ” .
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