Building city bestows favor on small family office building newly

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Small family office building will become investment to be bestowed favor on newly

The rapid growth of Chinese economy makes small and medium sized business a large number of emerge in large numbers. These enterprises need more office space, not tall to the requirement such as management of office building property, form a complete set. The area can satisfy the office requirement of this part enterprise in the office space of 100~400 square metre. This kind of proprietor of an enterprise should have 3 kinds of kinds: One kind is the small company that gives priority to with commerce, pay attention to sex of a sector of an area and traffic; The 2nd estate that is city of a gleam of of nonlocal company investment, cover an area of an area not to need too big; The 3rd kind is the agency of high-tech enterprise, what they take a fancy to is to upgrade latent capacity and intelligence change a system.

In recent years investor begins to drop quickly to the investment heat of the commercial building. The capital with individual disengaged investor has hundred thousands of only, this share capital invests high-end office building not quite, investment business shop also cannot buy much large area, this part client changes investment target to product of the small family that suits investment office building to go up, they depend on to the reason of scramble for sth of small family office building, hire goes tall to reach investment small family office building continuously head pay lower, future appreciates potential is very great. Market of small family office building goes situation all the time to good, a few small wave motion in the market won't affect investor to be opposite of small family office building value.  

On June 19, 2006, the branch of industrial and commercial bureau that register allots Beijing " about from severe the announcement that examines abode to use proof document " (Beijing is industrial and commercial bureau [2006] the 14th file) carry out formally. Put forward “ clearly to suspend using dweller residence to be engaged in managing registration book ” of the activity. This regulation makes large quantities of one small companies, do poineering work model the office place that the company loses low cost, wait like all sorts of originality estate companies, network trade company. And because this part company accepts the restriction of the respect such as actual strength of industry characteristic, capital, do not need the office room of large area commonly, pay office building very hard the hire of high specified number and property fee, need as similar as office building office environment and service of form a complete set more at the same time.

Office building of independence company headquarters will develop further

The whole world 500 strong in 300 or so established area headquarters in China, the investment firm that has quality of headquarters of transnational corporation area in Beijing only already amounted to many 100, all value Beijing to have the resource with metropolitan internationalization. Rely on the radiation effect of headquarters economy, the development strategy that the ground of base oneself upon is gotten in city of Chinese a gleam of and establishs brand image to had become a company. Mode of this kind of headquarters office building that stresses company independence includes headquarters of area group type and independent headquarters two sort. They can satisfy an enterprise adequately to build company brand and the need that show company pulling force, also can come to those who satisfy company culture build through independent operation at the same time, and the need of business management. This kind of office building already became the carrier of enterprise oneself figure, what what represent is the figure of a group no longer, and those who make a certain monomer is exclusive figure. This can satisfy those hopes to reveal the office demand of the company of enterprise oneself glamour and figure undoubtedly. The requirement that internationalization did public facilities 2007 will cause the market further competition is intense. Product theme is changed, individuation develops a tendency dash forward show, human nature is changed reach network to be paid close attention to more extensively.
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