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"When original decision invests Pudong, very few somebody believes here can become financial center on the world, although there also are a lot of comments to think this investment is harum-scarum and careless inside Japan, and the success of center of Shanghai round-the-world banking is enabled nowadays tell everybody, here can become the financial city of Asian tomorrow come first on the list certainly. " the investment business of round-the-world banking center president of company limited of Japanese dark edifice dark harvest in center of Shanghai round-the-world banking (say so on press conference of SWFC) of the following abbreviation.

In landed bound of Japan, dark family name is familial reputation of it may be said is illustrious, from in those days Sentaijilang arrives dark harvest, dark chapter, be born to the Senhao of in the prime of one's life again, familial 3 acting compose the romaunt that day this locality produces familial type business. On August 28, " Chinese economy weekly " the reporter undertakes previewing to each establishment inside SWFC, interviewed company limited of Japanese dark edifice with respect to SWFC relevant circumstance president dark harvests, reach its child Sen Haosheng of president of limited company of center of Shanghai round-the-world banking.

Global money market is turbulent below " hire is new tall "

Break up to was made 1993 " area of center of mouth of Shanghai land home plans to devise plan " , the building forms the mark sex that center of round-the-world banking of Jin Mao edifice, Shanghai, Shanghai center is in plot to will build 3 freeboard layer " article " glyph layout had been included a program.

Sen Renhui is recalled say, 1993, he to when hold the post of new developed area of Shanghai deputy mayor, Pudong to be in charge of appoint conference chairman Zhao Qizheng expresses " let me build the 2nd skyscraper.

The Shanghai center phase that with Jin Mao nevertheless edifice and future will build is compared, the experience it may be said of center of Shanghai round-the-world banking " destiny much the name of the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty " . After was started 1994, the Asian banking crisis after 1997 lets this project shutdown near 5 years. And the harangue on configuration of space of after this floor and denominate is constant, more till the structure sealed a top last year in September,let its, just enabled formally this year in August. Whole design builds cycle to be as long as 14 years.

And nowadays, the SWFC after building will be faced with global economy to put alleviation again second the challenge that borrows the crisis to spread. However, sen Renxiang " Chinese economy weekly " express: "Will always tell, global money market is a little turbulent, but I have hope, shanghai banking environment won't be affected. Shanghai banking environment won't be affected..

According to the situation that the reporter just understands from operation, SWFC total investment is as high as 8.3 billion yuan of RMBs, and in the investment fund of whole property, partner investment and loan of bank financial group are occupied each 50% . For as soon as possible disinvestment, operation square set Shanghai is current of level of hire of office building market new tall, achieve " lowest " 20 yuan of every square metre everyday. Press this computation, although the office area of 200 square metre, hire of a year also is as high as 1.44 million yuan.
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