Center of Shanghai round-the-world banking -- 3 dollars invigorate Shanghai offi

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The airliner flies to Shanghai from Tokyo again, land in the plane of Pudong International Airport before momently, chairman of company limited of Japanese dark edifice direction of mouth of home of Sen Renxiang land looks down at, the center of Shanghai round-the-world banking that he considers 24 meters to find Na Dong to return tower above than Oriental bright phearl. Dark harvesting is this 101 China highest architectural makes trade.

On August 28, this Shanghai built Sen Renwei highestly to give Shanghai's highest hire: 3 dollars every square metre everyday. "He is in challenge to global economy. " on the media news briefing that holds in the morning, the reporter speaks so.

Center of Shanghai round-the-world banking is main tenement comes from the whole world top class banking industry. They are in the United States second in borrowing the haze with the crisis and world not steady economy, with a rustle quiver. Today, are they right dark do the 3 dollars that harvest say " not " ?

"Welcome to center of Shanghai round-the-world banking! "Welcome to center of Shanghai round-the-world banking!!

Dark the reporter of media of a hunderd schools on the whole world that harvests to welcome to here with enthusiastic manner.

He expresses tastily: "The Chinese likes to say the favour is geminate, hold the Olympic Games in China during, we completed the construction of center of Shanghai round-the-world banking, I feel extremely happy. I feel extremely happy..

But of global economy low confuse a condition or let a lot of people be dark harvest anxious.

Because get the United States second the influence that lends the crisis and world economy not to stabilize an element, hide the 500 strong companies of world inside building of alive bound fashionable and company, must make on the office budget that rent adjust.

This year since first half of the year, partial transnational corporation suffers those who anticipate profit drops to affect, bring about pair of office building to rented cost to undertake be controllinged strictly. They adopted conservative financial strategy, be like budget of the cut office building that rent, and defer enlarge hires a plan, some chooses to be moved even.

The United States the 5th cast a Beiersideng greatly weathy, second borrow the crisis terminative its the road of 85 annuity be in harmony. Before two months, shellfish Er Si Dengxiang is located in new York the headquarters office building of the city in Manhadu says " adieu " . Beiersideng moved this tall 45 levels accumulate 1.2 million square foot headquarters building.

This is an iceberg only one horn. Investigate the data of company Reis according to new York estate, the United States is successive this year two season enterprise retreats the area prep above that hire bear lease an area, building of completely beautiful office unused rate lifts in the 2nd season 13% , prep above 12.8% of the 1st season. Hire was reached 2007 the Newyork city of 2 digit amplitude, growing rate of hire of the 2nd season does it 0.7% , because financial firm is many,cut down the member of persons employed. Magendatong and Lei Man's brother wait for big company, all commentate give a large number of offices to arrive relet market.
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