Shanghai: Visit empty building town big rub sell a building to cover again and a

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   Capital of 10 billion dollar prepares hard

While Shanghai estate market is stagnant, the real estate Wu that Magenshidanli is in Shanghai, what if market place thinks,also be not is so good.

The reporter is in exclusive know from the message personage that is close to Magenshidanli yesterday, of the closest hearsay big rub fund of estate of whole world of new first phase already collect exceeds half an year, still expect a number without what reach 10 billion dollar however. And big rub be in what Shanghai seeks to be not the opportunity that copy a copy at present, contrary, it is to hope to sell a certain number of items on the hand however, with period cover now. Not only such, as a result of depression, big rub appeared in Shanghai miniature personnel flows.

Afore-mentioned message personages tell a reporter, current, magenshidanli is in the fund name that collect money " Magenshidanlidi 7 period global estate fund (MSREF7) " , this one foundation raises funds to had exceeded half an year in the whole world. "The Magenshidanlidi before this 6 period global estate fund already gave out entirely, the fund raising of new first phase, compare investor of poor, a few big orgnaizations as a result of market environment look weak, undertake not smoothly. Accordingly, magenshidanli copies bottom property in Shanghai without money now. Magenshidanli copies bottom property in Shanghai without money now..

Not only such, afore-mentioned personages still disclose to the reporter, big rub sell a showing item include the residence and business store of purpose in Shanghai at present, however, look not hopeful from the case that sells at present.

It is reported, the Magenshidanlidi that collect goes to before 6 period global estate fund shares 8 billion dollar, use at investing global estate market. The main target that fund invests includes the estate assets of developed country and rising market and company. Among them, developed country market basically includes Japan, Western Europe and Australia, rising market basically includes China, India, Russia and Latin America country.

Big rub Shanghai frequency sells a building

Residential project respect, big rub be about to sell elegant center of world of bright and beautiful Lin with 1.1 billion yuan price. This is big rub with Shanghai always the first project that trade group cooperates.

The project is located in a horse to become the road, crossing that start line of business, proximate new scope of operation. Two buildings are the residence, it is hotel type apartment, in all 90 residences, 106 serve type apartment, have the commercial area of 5000 square metre additionally. What sell this is part of hotel type house, the area is 18538 square metre, have an area to amount to the club of 1300 square metre and 50 parking space additionally. This project from big rub be willing to offer the vision that already had a few months up to now, but have not have buy the home clearly to rise to surface.
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