Office building sells the market to measure valence to rise together

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According to Chinese index academy business uses property research center (COPT) newest data shows, end in July 2008 portion, accumulative total of market of Beijing office building develops investment 877 thousand yuan, amplitude somewhat abate, for last year 77.7% of the corresponding period. But opposite estate market whole is low this year confused condition, the investment performance it may be said of office building market is relatively satisfactory.

2008 1-7 month, area of new go into operation of accumulative total of Beijing office building is 985 thousand square metre, relatively the corresponding period dropped last year 68.9% ; However office building increases substantially compared to the same period however into the area of city, area of 1-7 month complete is 1.25 million square metre, for last year 285.4% of the corresponding period, large area increased office building to be supplied effectively of the market into city.

Market of Beijing office building was sold July this year all valence is twenty-five thousand seven hundred yuan / square metre, those who be 7 months most; Annulus is amounted to than amplitude 54.5% , amplitude is next to March. From the sale all in light of valence, market of Beijing office building begins get warm again after a cold spell since April, all valence step up. Divide however mixed March sold July all valence exceeds 20 thousand yuan / besides square metre, other month is sold all valence is in 1.1-1.7 10 thousand yuan / between square metre, opposite at office building this is planted " luxury " price on the low side.

In sale respect, what behaved July is relatively driving also; Office building sold an area to be 203 thousand square metre July this year, was January since sell an area most, annulus is as high as 78.2% than amplitude, be next to March.

Rise what estimate value as market of Beijing office building considerably, immediately of office building market is shown fiery in July, with it is market of house of estate market monomolecular to form bright contrast together.

According to COPT analysis, beijing office building sells the Qi Sheng estimating value of the market, the fund that appears often with before this year two quarters, bank and insurance are bought those who wait for capital is whole have very big concern. The circumstance that appears again and again is bought to fall in whole, more investor value the long-term progress of market of Beijing office building. Expression has entered office building in many domestic and international capital the market that this is about to make the rare product that be short of a gender. Because the characteristic of office building itself and the city zone are business,the ground decreases considerably wait for a reason, predict Beijing office building is supplied after 2010 also will decrease considerably.

In demand side, the success of the Olympic Games is held, those who let the world know powerful, Beijing of China is powerful, the enterprise wants to hold period of this one history, expand in capital business, must increase office building to manage public area, continue to enlarge is hired or be bought thereby. Additional, market of two quarters office building exceeded once upon a time strong induct a quantity to also can see a lot of large companies special value Beijing economy to expand latent capacity, expand in capital business unavoidable; This increased investor to be opposite further not only the confidence of market of Beijing office building, and also the benefit long-term development at market of Beijing office building.
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