Be issued to lower levels of market of office building of Shenzhen of fall after

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After market of Shenzhen office building saw a top last year in July, adjust up to now already full a year. Beautiful couplet property offers the newest statistic data of our newspaper to show, the adjustment in a year period afterwards, market of Shenzhen office building still has no evidence of get warm again after a cold spell, instead market be issued to lower levels anticipates had formed in the round, average rent and price are successive fall after a rise of 3 months in pairs is best evidence.

Property of the couplet that occupy the United States is newest release " Shenzhen office building is blue prepare an index to report " statistic, be in what just go in August, shenzhen office building is blue plan sample book clinch a deal all valence is 25758 yuan / square metre, annulus comparing drops 3.09% , drop compared to the same period 13.44% , drop at the high point August 2007 relatively 13.44% . Office building market is at present secondhand all price drops the sign that extent shows month by month to accelerate, suffer clinch a deal the effect with price small look forward to, business of office building market clinched a deal in August 2008 the quantity also increases apparently.

And in hire respect, shenzhen office building is blue in August the average rent that plans sample book is 126.2 yuan / square metre. Month, annulus comparing drops 1.79% , for whole is average since this year hire level falls defeat the 4th times, had formed at present successive of 3 months drop prices, extent issueing defeat puts delay somewhat. But, the defeat below the abidance of hire was not formed rent clinch a deal quantity continuity enlarge, rented in August instead clinch a deal the quantity clinchs a deal to decrease considerably.

Another research machine is bought -- the statistical number that the research center issues deep harbor shows Central Plains real estate likewise, august of Shenzhen office building clinch a deal the quantity is 6934.53 ㎡, annulus decreases than July 19.63% , the 3rd quarter continues to present insipid prices. From clinch a deal in light of property, no matter new appear on the market property, already still making work property, clinch a deal the volume is minor. And from in carry out project all in light of valence, opposite fastigium also considerably fall after a rise, already fell to invest interval to value, dropping space is not large already.

The report of this orgnaization still points out, by August, office building puts a quantity to already amounted to 295 thousand square metre in carry out, huge 2008 amount is supplied had pulled open prelusive, next a few months, large quantities of property will appear on the market in succession, market of Shenzhen office building is facing bigger challenge.

When Wang Junpeng of vice director of research center of market of beautiful couplet property accepts our newspaper to interview, also express, because the market is stagnant first half of the year, a lot of office building are deferred roll out, bring about second half of the year to be supplied centrally, except the amount is put in carry out outside, to the end of the year estimation still will have 20 to average the supply of rice more.
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