Be issued to lower levels of market of office building of Shenzhen of fall after

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Wang Junpeng thinks, market of current Shenzhen office building nots allow hopeful, be issued to lower levels anticipates become the consensus inside course of study already basically, strong wait-and-see sentiment won't be in short-term inside change. He still points out, at present hire of Shenzhen office building reachs price level still prep above investor anticipates in the heart, bring about even if magnanimity to supply from this also may not stimulation trades quantity promotion.

He points out at the same time, buy the home at present wait-and-see expectant formation can be affected not only secondhand the development of the market, also can affect skill market to reach sale process in the price of carry out project, fixed position. But, the investment redound that develops business won't be very fast fall after a rise, because the metabolic extent of hire often compares the metabolic extent of the price to want,this is small, time in future so inside, investment return rate still can maintain rise, but the pace that rise can put delay gradually.

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