When the first high-rise of Shanghai world may be born not to meet

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"The day of high-rise building, it is namely when the market ebbs. " 1999, german economist Andrew. The research result test and verify that Lawrence uses him before this 100 years a global all previous is great economic depression incident. On August 30, the first tower of world that last a period of time builds 14 years -- center of Shanghai round-the-world banking is enabled formally, the hope won't add new footnote for this demon cuss.

Center of Shanghai round-the-world banking (WFC) 492 meters tall, share 101, can make an appointment with 220 thousand square metre for area of hack office building, it is division of banking of land home mouth of demand of area of division of existing and high-grade office two to 3 times, at present so-called office building is entered halt lead 45 % , develop business predicting 1 of company limited of Japanese dark edifice is entered after year halt rate achieve 90 % , invest redound period to be 12 years.

The management of the first high-rise of world is cosmopolitan difficult problem. The WFC highest hire that always invests 8.3 billion yuan of RMBs day of square metre / of 20 yuan of / , it is current office building of Pudong first class is average day hire double, wait for an element considering average rent and rental rate, professional personage predicts WFC year income 1.3 billion the left and right sides, add a hotel, look around, the income such as the conference, below the premise that does not suffer economic depression effect, annual is due 1.7 billion yuan of or so income, and operation expenses predicts annual 500 million yuan, borrow money every year the financial cost that accrual makes 400 million yuan, increase loan 41. 500 million annual repayment of capital needs 100 million yuan, predict annual totle drilling cost is controlled 1 billion yuan. Such year gain 700 million yuan of RMBs, deduct duty and other expense, achieve the goal that invests redound period to be 12 years hard. The situation that the problem depends on this or has compared by WFC is computative, premise is economy grows continuously, it is to did not ebb at least.

But this comes true very hard it seems that. Suffer the United States second the influence that lends the crisis, global economy may enter a longer sluggish to bilge period, first this autograph in WFC already was reflected somewhat in tenement about -- the information that releases according to WFC, had signed agreement tenement to include Mitsui to stay in 6 Euramerican enterprises such as bank of Paris of the 11 Japan enterprise such as friendly bank, France, still include a country peaceful is fund management, new China wait for 3 China enterprise with industry of information of HongKong and Macow, notable is to lack company of famous United States among them. From the United States second since borrowing crisis happening, american enterprise especially American finance orgnaization, narrowed the office area that leases surely formerly.

Good will begins with what make a person interrogative, your person remembers again " Lawrence demon cuss " . Andrew · Lawrence in those days consider to make clear, the start working construction of world highest building and the acuteness and fluctuant height with periodic commerce are relevant -- later generations analysis, because flourish,the monetary policy with loose period and finance policy often encourage the investment of large project, and similar skyscraper of such big project completion constant constant as it happens encounters next economic depression period begin -- he sums up accordingly go out " skyscraper index " discovery of person of tan1huan4 of cook of U of 牎 of x of e of d of n of i of r of e of p of a of r of c of s of 煟 Xi octogenarian also is called: Edifice building, economic depression. Be in 100 years of in the past, "Lawrence demon cuss " again and again confirm: New York adds edifice and large building of cosmopolitan person life newly 1908 around completion when, financial crisis sweeps across complete beauty, small bank closes down in several a hunderd schools; On trade centre of world of new York of 70 time metaphase and edifice of Chicago Xi Ersi become the century the whole world is highest, back-to-back move produces oil crisis, the dollar falls madly, global economy ebbs again...
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