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As refer contest to buy file end yesterday morning, participate in contest to cast Pearl River new city east the developed business to also open mystery veil of tower plot. This premise hands in contest to buy application and through 6 development of qualification test business has to exit, and the others 5 3 are amounted to to be foreign capital company in the home, connect even " jeweller also devotes into real estate " . According to plan of sell one's own things, on September 12 east tower plot contest price sell one's own things, guangzhou this one ground mark builds a flower to fall whose home will uncover truth.

As we have learned, in these 5 enterprises, be being built besides the real estate that protect interest and Yue Xiucheng is outback estate company beyond, other it is foreign capital enterprise.

Among them, the limited company of company of week great good fortune that people feels curious is actually " financing is abundant, accuse already or the company of estate of share much home " , and it is this to represent new world real estate to appear personally; Triumphant Si Ni pulls Singapore the group is private limited company is big alligator of Singapore real estate -- Singapore the subsidiary of group of land of fine heart buy, there already was the Milky way to make the trade of triumphant heart buy that waits for a project newly in Guangzhou development also is ground of fine heart buy is in China wholy-owned subsidiary; Most mysterious is firm day limited company, although still fail to check,its belong to which group, but imprint on the envelope that this company refers contest to buy a document have " group of Chinese buy trade " model of written characters, and group of Chinese buy trade is one of Hong Kong's mainest land agent, this group chairman is the Liu Luanxiong of the famous that sees Zhu Baoduan constantly namely.

Occupy additionally divulge, the business of a development that exit is Xinhong radical real estate.

5 land agent contest cast east tower:

Firm day limited company

Jump over beautiful city building

Limited company of Zhou Dafu company

Keep benefit real estate

Triumphant Si Ni pulls Singapore the group is private limited company

East tower: Be located in new in the central a sector of an area of area of core of new city of the Pearl River on axes, program use handles official bussiness for business affairs, accumulate 26494.184 square metre with the ground, program floor area is ground above commerce of 350000 square metre, underground builds 18000 square metre, valence call 2860 yuan since floor price / square metre, plot always calls valence to amount to 1.06 billion yuan since price.