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After becoming silent two years, the financial center competition of Shanghai and Beijing is entered again turn white-hot condition.

In Beijing make clear at the beginning of this year put forward to build " the financial center city that has international force " , put forward " one advocate a pair 3 new 4 tiring-room " after building train of thought, how to break through old hedge, create the new opportunity that center of Shanghai international banking expands, make the pressing choice of Shanghai government.

Afterwards government of Shanghai of the middle ten days of a month led a group to go to national hair to change in person in July appoint, the face is shown " accelerate the intention in boosting Shanghai international finance to see " hind, personage of know the inside story discloses, pu Xi will add area of space of floor of business affairs of 1.8 million square metre newly along river district future, with former outside beach old building takes join, make Pu Xi the belt of financial service assemble of 2.6 square kilometer.

Message personage discloses, this plan plans to be rolled out at the near future, and the main actuator that serves as a plan, of the international plan that government of district of Shanghai yellow riverside drafts to undertake publicly deepening financial function in the near future collect. If plan to embark on a journey, of financial service division extend will build international banking center to offer strong dimensional carrier for Shanghai undoubtedly.

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On August 19, on enlarged meeting of standing committee of Shanghai National People's Congress, mayor Han Zheng points out, shanghai is clear already will " two a core, keys " the main train of thought that regards next propulsion as construction of international banking center, it is core with construction of money market system namely, attach most importance to a dot with foretaste of go ahead of the rest and perfect banking environment.

Before a month that publishs in this speech, group of belt of Shanghai government high level will to national hair change appoint, application is in " product of orgnaization of money market, finance, banking " the reform innovation principle that waits for a respect is in Shanghai go ahead of the rest is pilot.

Pilot whether go ahead of the rest had be notted be informed, but message personage discloses, strive for the conception of the policy dominant position that financial center builds at Shanghai quite, another big question also makes the focal point of the consideration in city, build the dimensional carrier of international banking center namely.

Current, the financial assemble belt of Shanghai basically distributings in area of mouth of Pudong land home, and the Shandong in Huang Pu area of Pu Xi all the way outside region of beach old building. But area of mouth of home of small to the Pudong that financial orgnaization gathers land, message personage discloses, "Already carrier is finite, expand urgently new space " .
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