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Honored guest: Estate of Dai Deliang travel seeks advice from limited company to invest department director leaf to build

The footstep that restricts foreign capital not as a result of building city a cold and cheerless and put delay somewhat. A few days ago, department of Commerce, hair changes appoint released early or late " real estate of investment of good about doing foreign trader puts on record working announcement " and " the announcement that invests project management with normative foreign trader about be being strengthened further " , exchange control bureau puts forward clearly also, after the foreign trader invests gold of capital of industry foreign currency to pay settlement of exchange adult civilian money, capital must not be used at churchyard equity to invest. It is policy is not broken however in fine tuning on one hand tighten up, it is foreign capital still is raising the price of the commodities again and again on one hand Chinese estate market. Is future of Chinese estate market moved toward after all how? This second on the first studio brings card professional personage is done solve.

Compere: Many ministries and commissions published a few one after another recently " outside be restricted " relevant file, what kind of effect to have to foreign capital investment climate?

Xie Jiancheng: From the point of current market condition, "Outside be restricted " of policy execute and have no loosen. Near future Department of Commerce and hair change appoint released two relevant documents early or late, will analyse from content, just undertook to partial detail redefine is mixed revise, but basic policy level won't have too big change.

If exchange control bureau is aimed at gold of capital of foreign currency of foreign capital industry,pay management of settlement of exchange made provision again, put forward capital of RMB of earning of settlement of exchange clearly this to must not be used at churchyard equity to invest, and the investment sex foreign trader that establishs by approval of commerce director department invests an enterprise, once undertook churchyard equity investment, the churchyard of its capital gold delimits turn also ought to just can deal with after approve of bureau of classics foreign currency. This was to put an end to some enterprises make use of to increase endowment spread actually name, introduce foreign currency illegally investment item. From this respect for, also have strengthen further " outside be restricted " imply.

Compere: Produced what off shore trades a few cases to buy case first half of the year this year, do you think nowadays foreign capital the view to Chinese estate market how?

Xie Jiancheng: Tell the truth actually, foreign capital compares pessimism to Chinese estate market now. Not be the city after saying not to value Chinese estate market, still basically be pair of integral market self-distrust. The restriction that includes to invest an operation, financing is sent more tighten up wait for each reason, bring about cost to increase, and return rate has systole however. It is under this kind of circumstance, foreign capital can choose more good market to enter, or with redound higher fashion has investment.
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