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Year, known as the "history of the most stringent regulation," were introduced , the real estate market in Ningbo stirred no small ripples, and 10 months, once again smitten with the second control, the speed, stronger and involved extensive and unexpected. Regulation of the market makes a sudden re-coded into the wait period, for looking up the housing market and steady development of the commercial housing market will have a significant impact.

The third quarter of the hot weather office rental market relationship between the relative volume of the overall decline, with the southern business district (Forum News) and the East Metro's competitive strength has grown, the traditional center of Jiangdong Haishu, and the advantage of gradually weakened, many businesses have withdrawal of the central business circles, so this quarter such as Moon Lake Ginza (Forum News), Gateway International Trade and other building occupancy rate declined slightly different degrees.

First, the office rental market Analysis

The third quarter is the traditional off-season office leasing market, by the weather, lease and other relevant factors, and in November in the southern business district is about the impact of the park opened, most companies have chosen in the third quarter to take a wait and see attitude, leading to the quarter leasing transactions shrinking dramatically. Analysis of real estate professionals, according to Ward, both downtown business district and the southern or eastern part of Metro, the quarter's leasing transactions relative decline, but the operating environment of Ningbo's overall economic policy of the good and the implications of commercial real estate do not give long suffered commercial office space in the light haze hanging upside down a new dawn. Office rent and the price has not declined since the arrival of the off-season, compared with a loss and the residential market, but maintained a stable slightly upward trend.

1, the volume shrinking significantly, the rent is still slightly higher

Under the second quarter from the beginning of the off-season effect appeared to have started slowly, gradually leasing volume was "down line" type. To the third quarter, real off-season arrival of making the "down line" to continue down. According to Ward real estate data, the third-quarter turnover chain volume than the second quarter, down about 30%. 7,8 basically the same two months each volume, which in September Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday due to the advent of the relationship between the volume has significantly decreased over 7-8 months.

Both the youngest area or the south or east of New City business district, office space, including price and rental prices have remained stable and inched up the trend, mainly due to the overall economic environment of Ningbo to the good, the main industry and foreign trade sustainable development. There is also the New Deal on the housing market because of stringent control over the influx of investment funds made a part of the office market, office market led to capital adequacy. Also, this office market with its low starting point in Ningbo, a serious and rent residential and commercial inverted grossly has a great relationship.

Sought-after area of 2,200 square around the eastern town Chengxin Chong
Ward real estate data from the third quarter, customer demand for the main area of 200 square feet.

As the port of Ningbo unique economic structure, dominated by foreign trade enterprises and emerging form of service industry, the rise of the third class, 200 square feet of office space around the most sought-after. Youngest of them because of geographical area of the building are high scarcity rent, and a large area south of the main business district Zeyi, many development needs of the area around 200 square enterprises have turned to the east of town. Like the Ninth Five-Year International, the International Bank of morning (Forum news video), Trade Center (forums news video), and other office buildings are welcomed by a large degree, the first area rent is less than the youngest, followed by hardware conditions and because some of the old building, and the area has the right, not to mention the new eastern town of Ningbo city center as the planning, future development can be foreseen.

Second, the office market situation Analysis

1, Old and in the five patterns of utmost

With Ningbo, the accelerating process of modernization, the city of Ningbo's overall framework is widening, perhaps in the distant future may be like Ningbo, Shanghai, Beijing, as a second ring, ring ... ... and as the city framework widening, all centers are constantly CBD construction and development, office of the pattern of transfers and changes are occurring, Ningbo city, east, south, west, north, in the five regions are constantly building their own characteristics, Central Business District to form five business pattern Ningbo, a number of CBD center full of the situation.

East of the central business district as a leader and the core, commercial real estate are relatively high, the tallest building in Ningbo International Maritime Plaza (Forum News), Ningbo International Financial Centre (Forum News), Radisson Plaza, East Commercial Block, Yin (Forum News video), etc., further demonstrated its regional advantages. Ward real estate marketing analysis, as a new area, and also the new business district from the south than the eastern part of Metro's rent at a low current level, but in the city to east trend, and the transport infrastructure is maturing, the future development of the basic rent under the southern business district with the flat.

In the southern business district known as "Ningbo Manhattan" as Ningbo "upgrade" the strategic focus areas, but also changes in recent years, most intuitive development of Ningbo city, the most profound areas, in terms of total investment of 12.0 billion office, with a total development area 50 hectares, composed by the 71 commercial buildings in the southern business district occupied the absolute supply, AUX central building, the red giant building (Forum News), Innovation 128 (Forum news video), Jian Chen Building (Forum News) and so will representative office in Ningbo top. Business District from the south building has been delivered, the current average rent 1.3-1.6 yuan / square / day, between about 0.5 yuan lower than the urban / flat / days. Ward analysis of real estate professionals, in the southern business district of good development prospects, the top hardware facilities and business headquarters in effect and atmosphere, within five years the rent will probably overtake the city.

December 26, 2007, Ningbo City Ring Expressway (West) project successfully opened, so that the first clear outline of the western city. However, the Ministry of Ward real estate market analysis, due to the significance of the western planning is not today, but in the future, so development would not show up in a short time, so the west of Ningbo office rents and occupancy rates in the area to achieve and East , South, in the three districts as the standard still needs more time.

Undoubtedly opened, Jiangbei, Ningbo Wanda Plaza, CBD commercial center of northern prelude to a Jiangbei Wanda, the development of cross-strait spring breeze through the Yao River. Jiangbei Wanda's presence, surrounding both the residential or office buildings, commercial development is the way of excitement, all the way prices are skyrocketing. With the end of the start of Jiangbei Wanda Plaza, Jiangbei District, will become the center of Ningbo, and a business center area to the north of the city of Ningbo inject new vitality into the office market and competitive pressures.

Center City real estate market is a "high cost of land", the old town renovation, always bring a lot of surprises, Ningbo Book (Forum News), Century Business Plaza East (Forum news video), on Lake sung Park (Forum News video), and built in 2011, Lotus Bridge Street the basic cultural and commercial complex zone, Feng Yin Road Riverside business projects such as residential areas will make the central area of the business value of consolidating its position and the center of CBD.

2, the office quietly trading market warming up

Ward real estate leasing, according to the Ministry data show that third-quarter trading volume has increased, and that the intention of trading customers increased significantly. In this regard, Ward real estate professional analysis, the value of Ningbo office has long been underestimated, the state's macro-control policies are continuous for the residential market, commercial real estate market has not been involved. Investment in the housing market is strictly controlled, then there will be some investors will inevitably enter the office market, investment funds also will be entered, resulting in a funded office investment market, so prices have gone up.

3 apartments will become the new darling of investors

Ningbo policy under the control of the property market, the housing market was wait and see attitude, which, as the office market segment, one of the apartments becoming investors are looking to break through a window, like the Metro gardens (Forum News), World Trade Plaza (Forum News video), Grandway world (Forum news video), Imperial International (Forum news video), Eastern time zones (Forum News video) all achieved good results. Ward analysis of real estate professionals, apartments unique business characteristics determine its nature of owner-occupied investment tilapia, which is under the control of its investment focus to become the New Deal one of the reasons. Compared with ordinary residential, hotel-style apartment is not only home for the young fashion crowd, but also to satisfy the investment needs of business professionals. Since the property market after the New Deal regulation, apartments into commercial real estate depression, has become a new source of wealth growth.

Third, the office market trends Analysis

In 2010, Ningbo's GDP, fiscal revenue, fixed assets investment and other economic and social development are the main targets in the direction towards the focus of growth in real estate networks, commercial real estate market in a good environment and a new generation of urban economic development incremental supply of products Under the impetus to accelerate development.

1, there will be more sought after characteristics of the office

Run Real Estate, General Manager Mr. Wu Jibing United said that in the property market downturn, shrinking turnover, run by a real estate agent, CITIC Square (Forum News) has not been greatly affected, whether sales or lease, have made proud person's performance, and prices and rents are rising steadily in the. The reason, Manager Wu believes that CITIC Square itself with high quality and have a great relationship.

This is a respect for individuality and character of the times, in order to Ningbo in the office market oversupply stand out, the office's own characteristics and quality standards must be achieved first-class. CITIC Plaza, which is due to its own high-end hardware, the perfect property service standards, geographical advantages scarce, and enjoy a unique quality to ensure its presence in the highly competitive office market in an invincible position in Ningbo and occupancy rates rising.

East Park Trade Center Twin Towers design, innovation 128 single-family courtyard-style garden villa office, in the southern business district Butterfly butterfly design concept to the national Hua Commercial Building, X-type unique shape of the Oaks Building, convex set Bu Lijie surface sculptural buildings, etc., are all in the declaration of a new generation of office buildings with character and unique.

2, the headquarters of the economy, the pursuit of district strengths

As the market continues to expand the open area, the headquarters of large enterprises to further business development activity, "to create business complex" has become the development of the office market has a signature phrase, is characterized by a complete shopping atmosphere and headquarters economy. In the southern business district, Yinzhou, for example, on the one hand to attract a large number of leading enterprises settled in related businesses dependent on the other hand the general volume of business functional areas centralized to provide a convenient number of settled. Advance the concept to the settled enterprises not only enhance the corporate image, it is really comfortable office experience. Property services plus software such factors, the more increased the appeal.

October 10, 2010 Ningbo, the official introduction of the second round of control rules, the purchase of residential decree; November 18, 2010 in the southern business district, the park was formally ... ... We look forward to the fourth quarter of Ningbo office market is able to sweep aside the heavy fog, gradually active, a new impetus to the property market in Ningbo!