Colliers International Guangzhou fourth quarter will add 125,000 square of Gr

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Third-quarter average price of Grade A office space will add 24,000 yuan in the fourth quarter 125,000 square meters of Grade A offices According to the latest Colliers International market research report shows third quarter of 2010, the Guangzhou office sales market is more active, the price of 24,303 yuan / square meter, up 1.7% the previous quarter. Grade A office price 24000 yuan Colliers International reports that the price of Grade A offices in Guangzhou, the third quarter, up 24,303 yuan per square meter, up 1.7% the previous quarter. Compared to wait and see attitude of investors last quarter, this quarter a number of cases large office transactions, Including Guangzhou, Pratt & Whitney Bank to buy 1.4 billion half-Building International Plaza office property and get naming rights, the overall 1.9 billion purchase of Hengda Kaisa Square nearly 93,000 square meters of office premises, etc., office turnover increased substantially during the quarter . Grade A office rents 133 yuan / square meter This quarter, Guangzhou, recorded an average rental of Grade A offices to 133 yuan per square meter per month. Among them, Yuexiu District, Haizhu District, there is a certain average rent increases per square meter per month respectively 104 yuan and 100 yuan; Tianhe District, the average rent of Grade A office market decreased slightly, down to 145 yuan per square meter per month. Currently several projects are available for leasing, such as the million Link Exchange, International Finance Place (West Tower) and so offer higher than market rent Price. Vacancy rate is expected to rise next quarter Studies have shown that in the third quarter, the new high German Land South 27,363 square meters, more than originally anticipated launch of the project, such as the International Financial Plaza (West Tower), etc. will be delayed until early 2011 launch. There are a number of projects are expected next quarter Market, including Onelink Meeting, Gao Landmark East Tower, etc., the new volume will reach 125,700 square meters, the vacancy rate is expected to rise to a certain degree. Colliers forecasts the central bank may raise interest rates again For October 19 the central bank to raise interest rates suddenly, Colliers International that, while the interest rates have little effect on the real estate market, but this interest rate, and 8 months since the government issued the regulation and control policy, will be on the property volume and Prices will have an impact, but also suggests the government will take control measures, the estimated future interest rates once again likely, because the move will continue to rise in the inflation levels, investment in fixed assets and premises Regulation of production markets.