Gradually increased the proportion of the office market turned developers to a

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From Win Weekly news, since the end of last year, many large developers have claimed that access to high-profile commercial real estate, have stepped up a nationwide "enclosure," the pace of the layout of commercial complex. Developers to accelerate the turn "Residential only" Vanke has accelerated the process of commercial real estate development, Dongguan, Xian, Beijing opened around the project in full swing, a total investment of ten billion dollars, and will be launched endowment property, hotels and commercial facilities and other property types; Poly Annual Report 2009, said real estate, commercial real estate business the company to achieve significant breakthroughs in the next 3-5 years, will hold the commercial property investment ratio increases to 30% of the total investment; R & F Properties Group and the Urban Construction Group in the Pearl River New City, respectively 8 and 6 commercial projects; of the sea real estate in Pearl River New City is also a considerable number of commercial projects; COFCO Group "Joy City" for the brand in the country to create "full-service chain urban complex" as the company commercial real estate development strategies; and Golden Group also said it would no longer simply in the residential development, commercial real estate development and operation will be an important strategy for planning the future ... ... Judging from the recent land transactions since April after the introduction of real estate control policies, commercial office space gradually increased the proportion of turnover. According to the Central Plains and Statistics of the twelve cities of land transaction data, the number of commercial office space transactions rose from April's 25.61% up to August's 41.05%, turnover of land area increased from 5.10% in April to August of 38.72%. In addition, commercial and office development and investment accounted for the proportion of total development investment is also beginning to show a gradual recovery trend. Senior Manager of the Central Plains Research Center, Liu Yuan Group believes that although the structure of land transactions and to push local government to plan is closely related to, but because of the impact of the housing market is regulated, developers now have lost no time in moving towards commercial real estate market turned its eyes, commercial office space market, which recently led an active transaction. Very active in office transactions Retail market is not only active, office transactions also rose significantly. Centaline survey, the four-tier cities Grade A office rents 普涨 September, which, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, rose 6.33%, 2.95%, 2.69%. Commercial office land supply, the 12 large and medium domestic city commercial office space transaction 55. Sales in the office, the four major cities in office regulating the sales area after another new high of 592,700 square meters, the chain increased 22.69%, nearly 4 months of 614,900 square meters. DTZ Debenham Tie Leung in the third quarter market report, Guangzhou Grade A office leasing transactions remain active, rents rose, but the volume has decreased. The strong demand that the city's major shopping centers within a mature district's overall vacancy rate remained low, only 3.16%, 1.45% sequential decrease. Earlier, the Guangzhou Land and Housing Bureau data show that in January to August in Guangzhou office volume was 44.93 million square meters, an increase of 64.8%. the fourth quarter, the retail property market in Guangzhou will be 41.6 million square meters of new goods into the market.