Coded volume control policies over the shops of Nanjing office

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283.83%! This is the first week of November, Nanjing office ring up the data volume. Statistics show that as of November 7, last week (11.1-11.7) in Nanjing area of 11,651.42 square meters of office space traded, compared with last week's 2,675.97 square meters, closing an area of Nanjing office within a week rose sharply. DTZ Debenham Tie Leung a set of data showed that Grade A office space in Nanjing the third quarter rose 2.24% rental chain, rose 8.1% year on year to reach 3.19 yuan per square meter per day. Meanwhile, the office vacancy rate is also expanded in the second quarter, three quarters of strong growth in demand by sharply reduced. The average retail rent per square meter per day from the first quarter of 28.25 yuan and 28.73 yuan in the second quarter, in one fell swoop in the third quarter increased to 29.83 yuan, up 3.82% qoq. "Sales", "interest rates" overweight and a series of regulatory policies, the rapid turnover of the cooling housing market, retail trading volume soared. And there have been inverted, the office's turnover over the shops. "This is a relatively rare phenomenon," the network is still bodies Yan Tao, director of the Center told reporters, as the demand and return on investment rates, although the factors to be considered commercial investments more than the office, but the volume is always higher than the office Multi. Housing is limited, the office market is basically in growth, sales rose this week with a new real estate hot north of the city are not unrelated. Does this mean that commercial real estate market has to pick up the signal sent out? Yan Tao that most office buildings are long-term holders of property, data growth is a reflection of short-term market, as to whether the market pick up, still need to observe the long term. However, the office also implies a lot of volume increase is concerned about the commercial real estate investors.