Central Golden Yu Yang: Chief Ding-level public office Dec. 11 ceremony

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Yu Yang Central gold, is the only way currently for sale Bayiqi pure commercial office projects with a total construction area of over 2.3 million square meters, from a single floor, 18 layers, composed of 1-4 layers for the mall (about 4200 square meters) ,5-18 level for office buildings (approximately 12,000 square meters). The project is located in Fuzhou, the axis of the most prosperous commercial ─ ─ Bayiqi middle of the road, through convergence with the May Street shopping district shopping district, Taijiang district, occupies the core of the city poised, the scarcity of pure commercial office space, it is Regulation of the New Deal, as well as an excellent investment option during inflation. Project Name: Central Golden Yu Yang The project area: the Drum Tower District Respective sections: Downtown Property Type: Office Developer: Real Estate Development Co., Ltd Fujian Yu Yang Sales Tel: 88006888 Real estate Address: Bayiqi middle of the road Transportation: Project transportation connections. Closer to the bus station away from the project are the South Gate Station, Chating station and Rende station, about 20 bus lines road. At the same time the project is also located in the Metro Line 1, Line 2 the only way.