Kingston SSD tour event visit the National Office in Shenzhen

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Recently, Kingston SSD solid state drive tour of the four front-line activities in the city office officially opens. Shenzhen Station Tour event in December 13 ~ December 17 offices in Shenzhen, five carried out within the first day of the election in in Shenzhen Building the city of Daqing. The solid state drive SSD Kingston office of the publicity tour event theme is "completely the potential outbreak of the system - Kingston winning SSD solid state drive to help your career." At the same time also hope that through self-Kingston SSD body brand prestige and novelty on the market to attract the target consumer groups actively participate in activities. Kingston SSD solid state drive aimed at the national office tour event experience products directly to consumers through the site, products and staff to explain the additional effect caused by the brand and deepen people's Kingston and Kingston SSD product awareness, learn about the latest developments and product features SSD. The Kingston to find high-end business crowd, the multi-level communication. SSD Solid State Drive Kingston tour the country office activities related to the Kingston exhibits SSD mainstream SSDNOW V series and V + Series of the capacity of all levels of exhibits. Explained by the staff on-site, including product function Energy and product advantages (read and write speed, seismic capability, low power consumption and other characteristics), and the related presentation in the field, to increase customer interest. SSD Solid State Drive Kingston office tour events nationwide next-generation display SSDNOW V + Kingston Series Solid State hard drive maximum capacity of 512GB, using high-quality MLC NAND flash memory chips, and equipped with 128MB super Cache, completely out of your system's potential outbreak. SSD Solid State Drive Kingston offices nationwide tour to promote activities for the SSD into the mainstream market, building the foundation for high-end business users in popularity in the good communication, makes the needs of customers in choosing the appropriate product, excellent First consider the Kingston solid-state hard drive, and through on-site in the form of giving small gifts to the role of long-term effects. SSD Solid State Drive Kingston tour activities through the national office fill out a detailed questionnaire to collect market information, increase customer data, and through information, gifts, interactive sessions, increase awareness of brand image and Goodwill, customer intent to promote, expand brand awareness, pave the way for the terminal sales. The tour event in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen four first-line cities, and interested friends to visit the scene experience.