Remind spring to decorate should notice sensitive area

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In Lanzhou city a few homes install building materials market to understand, a lot of guest discharge that decorate a company and autograph thin volume rise apparently. Install market estimation according to a few everybody, before the home installs the portfolio of the market to compare paragraph period increased 50 % left and right sides.

Now nowadays, decorate in urban family in the center, a lot of families use wood in great quantities, wait for woodiness material like window of door of central heating cover, fixed furniture, wood, and the heat of wood bilges cold shrink ring of be deceived Hou Ying is bigger, once change of lukewarm, humidity is big, wood can appear craze, warp, be out of shape wait for a problem.

No matter be real wood material or man-made plank, all wood contain certain moisture content. It is better that a lot of consumers think wood is drier, actually this kind of viewpoint is wrong. The water content of lumber should maintain stability inside normal limits, ability assures to decorate do not appear quality problem. For this, the expert proposal consumer of association of adornment of the Gansu Province wants to pay close attention to the water content of lumber when buy, generally speaking, spring climate condition makes the moisture content control of woodiness material is in aptly 13 % less than.

In addition, spring climate is dry, consecutive fresh gale day, cause fire and personnel harm extremely easily to wait. For this, the expert reminds, family and office building are decorated also should build urgent safety beforehand case, want special attention fire prevention, explosion proof and prevent the safe problem such as harm. Construction site should be cleaned every day, dirty of cleared wood chip, lacquer, residual wait for combustible to taste, make sure indoor exit is safe and expedite.

Also want to notice when the choice is installed and using lamps and lanterns, do not look only beautiful, check even safe, especially a few ligneous, plastic the lamps and lanterns that makes with paper. The lumber of the ambry that make must pass fire prevention processing; Paint, rare makings combustible article should deposit the place in far from igneous cause, shady and cool, ventilated, safety to wait.