The office decorates analysis of the colour in adornment

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A psychologist tells us, the person is the animal of coloured colour. Because,this is, the person can identify colour not only, still have a kind of natural demand to colorific harmony. Harmonious colour makes a person active, Anacreontic, relaxed, happy; Disharmonious colour is contrary, it makes the person feels negative, depressed, heavy, fatigue.

It is especially in the office, colour cannot be ignored to the influence of person psychology. Ever a joint-stock hotel has done such training to its employee: Groom an employee room decorate an imitate dining room, the different color on wall besmear asks presence of “ client ” . Dining-room of the first day is black, hardly the person comes; It is gules the following day, “ client ” is very few, although somebody will did not sit a few minutes to also go; The 3rd day is virescent, as a result high friend capacity audience does not calculate, idle is returned to sit after have dinner of “ client ” long a little, for a long time does not agree to leave.

The “ that understood colour manages to popular feeling destroys ” and “ construction ” , today's office work a group of things with common features should learn to enjoy colour, foster oneself colour consciousness and environmental aesthetic consciousness even. Arrive from the dress of oneself working environment, provide office equipment from office home, let as professional female you become the expert that creates harmony. Once learned to colorific is applied and match, one day, be careful to manage depressed by psychology cheerful when replacing, your whole person and body can become relaxed rise.

The office that lets you finds everything new and fresh:

If you are the boss' secretary or administrative director, perhaps you have an opportunity to participate in the color that chooses office equipment. What you should know is, modern office furniture has 5 to plant probably tonal: Black, gray, brown, dark red with element blue. Normally, do not use at desk with phyletic gray; Black, brown use at boss chair and parlor desk and chair; Element is blue and dark red make the office use chair more. Because, blue although quietly elegant, do not break lively; Although red is grave, there is no lack of lively; Black, brown all along gives a person dignified sense, with their deck assembly room, can make you think centrally.

Generally speaking, office colorific configuration wants according to “ to hop greatly, the principle of small harmonious ” . Great leap is to show the colour between the office changes. For instance, you have 3 offices, 3 houses can choose to differ completely advocate tone, but the door window of every house, desk and chair and floor even the whole that the office files of bright face and frivolous office articles for use want to maintain his is harmonious, it is the principle of little tune. Such, although your working territory is finite, every can give you the sense that find everything new and fresh to one place.
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