See the office decorate an environment how to create value

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The rationality of office environment often can affect the quality of flow and efficiency. Improve office environment, improve efficiency, a when had become industry health to develop strategical element, this is the inevitable trend that business management studies to refine. Leave the support of favorable office environment, even if have perfect strategy, efficient flow, advanced technology, also may help somewhat to the efficiency of the company and benefit hard. At present a lot of home companies are in those who begin to update office environment to decorate, till,plan from early days however specific carry out, a lot of moment often unwary the real demand on management.

The main problem of traditional business

Head apical lamplight is extremely dim; The wiring below the foot is like thousands of strands and loose ends; Greatly small section office closes break up; No matter walk into which, always be pots and pans, miscellaneous place one room; At the same time close not leak, across is scanty however can trot along on horseback; Leader office often is located in the faint end of corridor, give a person a kind of enigmatic sense.

This kind unreasonable is not just decorate layout problem simply, the person that show business management however did not realize the office environment effect to company efficiency. Will generally tell, the office environment of domestic company puts in the following and main problem:

The colour of office interior and illume collocation are not harmonious, the state of mind that causes a depression easily even visual pollution, affect the labor efficiency of personnel;

Piece piece close sexual layout and break up inconsequently, go against effective communication and club have between the branch;

The program design with unified lack of business information system and defend management, laid of road of office district interior lines is mixed and disorderly, all sorts of systems become independent each other, information is current existence obstacle;

Of office things and furniture order about too optional, the waste that brings about office space or crowded phenomenon coexist, the significant activity ability that affects staff and normal working state of mind.

All sorts of interior government mechanisms of the enterprise run below such office ambient conditions, its can be imagined as a result. If we realized the impact between the actor bad of office environment and company efficiency truly, should recombine an activity in executive enterprise so while, also regard need as one of reached goals the improvement of office environment, the measure that changes with other government truly is united in wedlock effectively, ground of bring out the best in each other goes advancing controller to want reached state.

Efficiency decides a level

Of company office environment weigh measure relatively simple, the basiccest have only: Whether can promote management efficiency. Change character, whether does the office environment that we evaluate a company actor or actress bad, do not care to cover an area of whether capacious, display luxurious, and environment of more office of with a view to whether can all sorts of resource in integrated business management, the each activity photograph that whether can optimize with business management joins, whether can conduce to the implementation of company established strategy finally. On one page
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