The office decorates the future of the design

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As the network gain ground, of resource share the serious topic for discussion that becomes promotion work efficiency. Handle official bussiness consequently the program of environmental space, also from close reach pay attention to individual privacy to the trend is opened and interact. The planar program design that communicates degree of tall, springiness will become hasten of place of the current situation, the design that human nature changes will make the core of office building product, it emphasizes older rate land providing authority business affairs shares a space, make office space tends faintness is changed, work efficiency improves on the foundation that proposes communication to communicate, blend in the job in lying fallow, inside office hours recreational the dimensional mode of the ” of public passage of “ office + that will break through a tradition, advocate environment of open mode office, office building is paid attention to not only external environmental landscape, in the office space of interiorly introduce green landscape extensively also, form the office space of healthy environmental protection, the design also can have specific aim quite, office of give attention to two or morethings, conference, recreational, groom wait for a function, the administrative levels of market demand is clearer and clearer. The rise of economy of domestic civilian battalion, also make the office building ovation of small pattern, low total prices, because this area is broken up great change change with minimum, it is the popular trend that will come.

At the same time tall intelligence changes the main essential factor that also will become prospective office building. As the implementation that turns office without paper, when a few offices of foreign are designed, had had with traditional design very big different. All information can pass the implementation of in-house contact method such as network E-mail, electrograph. The OA has become the office to decorate the main problem that needs a consideration.