The breath of pure and fresh design of office area

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How does urbanite enjoy zoology environment? It is one have leisure on the weekend not careladen drive car goes to demit outskirts absorbs fresh air, be still the small balcony in the home a few greenery does thickly dotted ground place more? Actually, to busy person, the opportunity that is close to with nature so is little really little. A week 7 days, major person 5 days among them it is basic in the office.

There was such office nowadays, create a week 5 days the working environment that weekday can be close to with nature photograph. the green that belongs to nature immigrant and capacious open office, make the employee is in the natural office environment that is full of zoology breath develop working originality better.

Open mode environment enjoys originality space
Push the entrance door of this stylist office, what attack head on is cool breath. This kind cool do not make by modern air conditioning completely, however a kind of pure and fresh feeling that is similar to nature, the sunshine that allows you to heat up the broil outside the window at a draught and draw near after the high temperature of 39 ℃ throws all heads.

It is “ to the first impression of this office this office is really with great quantity ” . The appearance with office capacious first floor was not made full use of to make groovy office space, is the chair of wood of of primitive simplicity that places on one to have Chinese distinguishing feature quite in wall edge at will only. Not downstage, do not set entrance guard, if be willing, can come in at any time sit, won't somebody is greeted with the eye of the inquiry to you, what also need not worry about you is rushed visit the people that can disturb upstair office. Open the design of type, the instant that pushing the door sees.

Ascend the stairs from step to 2 buildings, the atmosphere of the office just showed clue. Strange nevertheless, how doesn't this office also have a wall without the door? Turn everywhere, discover each office area are not used any wall body is separated, have a few stake or space of be born glass only, allegedly this is idea of a kind of design those who go up is divisional. This ability understands the fine of stylist suffers from the intention, and other in the illicit close office of the quadrature in compasses is different, here is a wide-open office space originally. Going from place to place space, going from place to place inspiration, going from place to place warmth, transparent and efficient office atmosphere is to be born so.

Wear a floor high: Zoology office confluence is a kind of beauty

In the office building of 1500 square metre, office division occupied convention to be less than the area of 1/3 only, the beauty spot, recreational area, motion division majority that held office building however, the concept that zoology handles official bussiness from the area divisional see. And the green environment inside the office is not built to come out by sedulous ground. Here, did not place greenery feignedly to be close to natural stance in order to reveal its, a place that in everybody look place reachs, nod the greenery of trifling and mutual echo on compose fragmentarily, arrive to stop namely at aeriform midpoint the zoology concept that the earth's surface amounted to the office and natural and harmonious coexist.
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