The office designs new trend

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Have lie between the office between

Be in at present the west, the design of the office, already from open mode space, independent character short lie between, gradually incline to “ does not have a wall do room ” this kind of new-style structure. Already was introduced as a result of computer average office, will set the office of computer terminal henceforth, can increase greatly, if faculty uses computer, so “ can make without the office ” of the wall work efficiency rises greatly.

If desk need not drawer and if becoming board, so each pieces of table can move conveniently. If needs to place article on desk, for example electronic calculator, set square, can prepare additionally small store up library.

Can add in the office set phone stage to wear, make the phone can move freely. Want wall to did not store up only ark, so office decorates a design indoorly to be able to be changed at any time. Such, the person that can make handle official bussiness often has strange feeling and do not feel listless.