World office design decorates style tide

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Of environment of the development as the technology and company's located ministry of inside and outside fluctuant, make at present the office on the world decorates a design to appear piece a few more the following tide.

It is to ask the office decorates more practical, contracted style.
2 it is to ask the office is decorated reflect very tall diaphaneity, want to be able to let every branch on the design each other see what the other side is doing.

3 it is the office decorates idea of design desalt grade, be in high-tech company especially, more and more the grade bounds of desalt office space. In the past, the office designs the dimensional cent that often enjoys people to be 6 grade, had simplified now for 3 grade

4 it is to stress flexibility more and more. Because each company change are very big now, personnel fluidity is very great also, because this requirement office is decorated,also can get used to this kind of change. One of this kind of accommodative main show open type space to hold proportion in office place namely bigger and bigger. Be in high-tech company especially, space of type opening open is increasing, be known according to me, the director of a lot of high levels of Intel been leavinging open type space to handle official bussiness.

5 it is the feeling that lets employee have the home. E.g. , decorate in the office the study, room that sees TV is set considering interior in the design, conduce to the interest sex that increases staff job so, more important is to be able to raise creativity.