Decorate should choose environmental protection building materials

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Contemporary the abundantly in decorating used agent of compound plank, bind and paint, these are the mephitical such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC, toluene, xylene main pollution source. Because mephitical is the biggest,origin is bind agent, and the part that most building materials has bond, picture the market is all sorts of particieboard that go up, at present medium the Niao aldehyde colophony that all makes formaldehyde of in order to is bases in density beaverboard, plywood regards bind as the agent. These mephitical harms are very big, have even more every year 100 thousand people install pollution at the home to death.

Environmental protection building materials makes green home outfit

To a lot of people that are preparing to decorate, since domestic outfit pollution is such serious, how should prevent?

Eye bazoo is used differentiate environmental protection timber

Differentiate the home to install furniture of ligneous building materials whether environmental protection has wanted nose above all this closes, take a board, hear in edge chamfer place (if furniture hears furniture surface and cupboard door inside) , if compare pungent, show formaldehyde release a quantity taller, can not choose absolutely.

Light was to cross smell it is insufficient that this closes, go further differentiate have to rely on a vision.

Method one: See attestation

Any timber, the green building materials that if allege,environmental protection must have total bureau of national environmental protection mark of 10 annulus attestation. And wooden furniture needs to have product certification of furniture of CQC of center of Chinese certificate of quality.

Method 2: Read a report

Floor and furniture need businessman offer orgnaization of provincial above authority detect report. Notable is, issue detect the must be sale ground qualitative check branch of the report. In addition, furniture must offer product manual, this just sets compulsively recently.

Method 3: Read order and degree

The formaldehyde of timber releases a quantity have certain level. Suit at present indoor the national level of use timber is E1 class, namely formaldehyde releases a quantity to be 0.5mg/I~1.5mg/I; And the criterion of E0 class mark that formaldehyde releases a quantity to be less than 0.5 Mg/I is our country the European level that will use namely, this kind of timber is current on the market most of environmental protection, but the price also wants a few more expensive. Joinery board (place core board) the price is in 140 yuan / square metre above; The price that holds plaque also is in 100 yuan / square metre above; And the floor is 200 yuan / square metre above.

Differentiate a method specificly with joinery board (place core board) for exemple, the flank of the board that normal manufacturer produces imprints can clearly the norms, grade, circumstance that avoid check, formaldehyde releases grade to wait. On one page
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