The summer is decorated small stick person

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Monsoon decorates construction advertent and moistureproof

Xia Yu is general rainfall is big, and the force with which sth breaks out is swift and violent, make air humidity increases quickly, if did not take corresponding safeguard in construction right now, can wait for the bad influence with certain generation to the project plan that the family decorates, quality. So a lot of consumer decorate a heart to put apprehension to monsoon. So is monsoon construction very troublesome really? How can you just assure project quality? Beijing broadness amounts to home of east of run of spring of adornment company jade to design the controller of branch to think when accepting a reporter to interview, the key of monsoon construction is moistureproof, want to had done this only, can remove a variety of adverse factors in monsoon construction.


- those who keep indoor and good is ventilated

Climate of overcast and rainy not only air is humid, and atmospheric pressure is low, because want to open all door windows in this construction, in order to keep indoor good ventilated. What be helpful for construction personnel not only so is healthy, and conduce to indoor metope, ground and lumber waiting as early as possible dry.