The circumference edifice that office building comments on

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Circumference edifice is located in south Beijing Xizhimen Wai Street and ZhongGuanCun the roundabout of the ave, zhongGuanCun is new and high ” of bibcock of technical development “ , east exhibition of adjacent Beijing zoo, Beijing, park of courtyard of capital gymnasium, black bamboo is received on the west, with the new century restaurant of 5 stars class the photograph that separate a market looks, situation is very advantageous.

Circumference edifice traffic is convenient, piece travel is very convenient, it is Haidian area is reached to Xizhimen Wai Street, Chang'an Street on the west of 2 annulus and the traffic thoroughfare such as 3 annulus surely the road of classics, multichannel bus by way of hereat. The edifice is apart from be about to the subway of be well versed in 4 lines zoo stands only the Yao of one pace. Circumference edifice covers an area of an area to make an appointment with 15800 square metre, total floor area makes an appointment with 100000 square metre. Circumference edifice is collect office building, apartment, bazaar the building complex at an organic whole.

Circumference edifice office building is located in circumference edifice on the west side, 2000 finishing, owner is trading company of Chinese shipping industry. Always cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 3000 much square metre; Usable floor area makes an appointment with 30 thousand square metre. The building is 116 meters tall, on the ground 29, underground 4. Office building uses cast-in-place frame structure entirely, aseismatic 8 class, fireproof one class; The wall outside the edifice hangs granite, specular reflection to work the wall outside hollow glass and wall of local glass act, floor of an old hall is entrance granite and marble. 6 Japan are deployed to install elevator of 3 water chestnut formerly inside the building, among them guest ladder 5, ministry of goods ladder L; Central air conditioning uses 4 United States to import former outfit to open interest card unit; Deserve to have system of Lou Yu automation and double circuit power supply system; Rent unit interior uses big the standard width of a room in an old-style house not to have column design, the broadband is entered door, intelligence of the class that it is 5A converts office building. Supervisory system of automata security personnel is provided inside the building, day and night provides security personnel service 24 hours.

Layer of standard of circumference edifice office building is formed by 4 unit, it is respectively east side 169 buildings square metre, on the west side side of 169 buildings square metre, north 454 buildings square metre, to 495 buildings square metre, add up to 1287 buildings square metre. Office building gathers enterprise of several famous high-tech, one sets booking office of post-office, civil aviaton and business affairs center; Three-layer is set muti_function hall, honoured guest hall and assembly room; 4 set employee dining room.
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