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Basic message
Property level: First class
Bay area: 140-360 square metre
What belong to trade group: CBD
Hire carry out trends: Rental
Decorate a state: Clothbound is repaired
Property address: Sunny area founds a state road 88
Link line position: 3 to 4 annulus
Traffic situation: Communication is easy, the trade that spur a nation stands only the ground
Develop business: In limited company of letter day estate
Sell certificate: Word of the card inside Beijing room the 278th
Hire / carry out phone: 85806015

Hire / price pattern: 16 dollars / month. Make the same score rice

Project introduction
Modern city is located in east Chang'an Street extension line, country trade east 800 meters, inside area of center of Beijing business affairs (inside CBD) . Follow a subway answer of bridge of trade of the construction of 8 lines, nation transform, the processing that connects Hui He and east of 4 annulus enlightened, the area of business affairs center with modern located city already became Beijing's most contemporary and flourishing area. Northwest of modern city southeast, on groundwater all extend in all directions. Answer 8 lines subway sets exit in modern city. Answer string of 8 lines subway center of trade of modern city, nation, expensive friendly edifice, contest spy, Heng Jizhong heart, Oriental square, Tian An Men, Xidan.
The world of freely of ground transportation network: Have west east 3 annulus, the east is east 4 annulus, have in found a state road, it is south bank the river is fast road, its join rises east 4 annulus, east 3 annulus, east 2 annulus, again with be well versed in of before 3 aves. Modern city is located in a country in trade trade group, periphery collected restaurant of numerous concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, office building, bazaar.
What modern city can be located in D of SOHO modern city three-layer, it is the recreational room that a member makes. Everything here is a basis modern city is broad the demand of owner and design. Center of cistern of play of indoor adult swimming-pool, children, fitness, sunbathe, sauna, acting guest is mandatory children is You Le room, muti_function ministry of commodity of theater and conference establishment, characteristic.
SOHO modern city is located in area of Beijing rising sun to found a state road 88, cover an area of an area 73 thousand smooth rice, total floor area 490 thousand smooth rice, first phase builds 6 28 layer tower, total floor area 270 thousand smooth rice, apartment total a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is 1385, car 1226. 2 period build total floor area 220 thousand smooth rice, among them SOHO apartment 512, business spreads 48, the office 277, car 866, business street 19 thousand smooth rice, office building 61 thousand smooth rice. Form a complete set: Car 2092, nursery school 2150 smooth rice, elementary school school 5800 smooth rice, club 2235 smooth rice.
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