Office building of new dragon square is commented on

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Basic message
Property level: Second class
What belong to trade group: Go up the ground
Hire carry out trends: Sell
Decorate a state: Common share clothbound is repaired
Property address: Haidian area road of the 8 high speed that amount to mountain on the west horn of northeast of 3 banners bridge
Link line position: Beyond 5 annulus
Traffic situation: Iron of 13 Xian Longze cities stands; 3 banners bus stands on the west: 315, 323, 355, 371, 379, 393, 398, 478, 629, 748, 719, 810, 814, 839, carry is connected 105, carry is connected 111
Develop business: Estate of Beijing new dragon develops limited company
Payment: The price is waited for calm

Circumjacent form a complete set: Middle and primary school: Normal University of Yo eagle elementary school, capital is accessary school of east of area of Haidian of school of Yo new learning, Beijing, Beijing finance school
University: University of Beijing bright garden
Nursery school: Nursery school of Chao Zhaoshuang language, initiate tire nursery school, Xin star careless nursery school total garden
Post-office: City of post and telecommunications office of Yo new garden, building materials on the west district subsidiary post and telecommunication office
Recreational recreation establishment: In body times, wash sanded fitness, green jade this professional hairdressing beautiful body
Hospital: Beijing answers dragon to watch cure of hospital, north 3 courtyards outpatient service of hall of the 2nd outpatient department, colleague

Project introduction
New dragon square is located in road of the 8 high speed that amount to mountain on the west horn of northeast of island of 3 banners annulus, it is collect office building, commerce, SOHO and urban house the urban synthesis project at an organic whole. The project covers an area of an area: 8696 smooth rice, floor area: 68750 smooth rice, floor: 23.

On the urban domain of Beijing, from north along road of the 8 high speed that amount to mountain 4 annulus come a Long Guan, on the west consummate, garden of industry of new and high building materials comes east (Lin Cui road) , formed special banding urban district. It is Beijing is benefited exclusively at the same time ” of division of estate of “ China Silicon Valley and ” of area of “ Olympic center two big board piece the area that drive, bring about thereby live, spending of urban form a complete set, business upgrades in the round! Need oneself “ downtown ” , be stationed in for elite of 2 million city civilian provide high quality business affairs and life service.

Beijing north hub of one class traffic: 37 public transportation line are reached inside 200 meters of limits, light course 8 lines double track makes iron of 13 lines, city collect, communication is very easy.

The main stem of lie across thing: On the west 3 standards way, it is Beijing north always wears ” of the ground on “ and “ only inferior abstruse a bystreet of ” , row upon row of of many 280 shop, cover shop, a variety of industry condition such as meal, recreational, recreation, service, bring up ground of first selection of new city center.
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