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Basic message
Property level: First class
Bay area: 49-364 square metre
What belong to trade group: Two wide aves
Hire carry out trends: Sell
Decorate a state: Common share clothbound is repaired
Property address: Sunny area east 3 annulus and wide Wai Street fall meeting point
Link line position: 3 to 4 annulus
Develop business: Ground of China embellish buy (Beijing) Inc.
Sell certificate: Word of the card inside Beijing room the 1131st
Hire / carry out phone: 58613397/98
Hire / price pattern: 9500 yuan / square metre

Building materials equipment: Structure: Cast-in-place cuts force wall structure
Inside wall: High-grade coating metope, wood plays a base
Elevator: In using elevator of high-grade brand high speed
Door window: High-grade child mother door, gush model makes the same score hollow glass aluminium alloy top spin window, add concealed type screen window
Kitchen: Clothbound is repaired
Toilet: Clothbound is repaired
Power supply: Every set independent distribution box and ammeter
Fire control: Set automatic warning decice, the communal space part such as each footpath sets hydrant
Heating: Use municipal heating, in high-grade radiator piece
Communication: Every set 4-8 telephone exterior lines

Project introduction
U-SPACE is collect UP rises / the concept such as Union combination the space of multivalent business affairs at an organic whole, it is ” of ground of buy of “ Hua Run in CBD, after ” of city of afterwards “ phoenix, bear great kindness of new elite business circles, admire the situation of a avant-courier trade of build. Think of the space again to traditional business affairs, to the abstraction of space of dinkum business affairs, to individual character of free business affairs article read, u-SPACE creats for elite of new business affairs CBD ground of U of the first capital. On one page12 below one pageRelevant content: Office building sells office building decorate[already 0 netizens expressed a view, click examine. ]