Building of estate of the 3rd buy dish introduce

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Basic message
Property level: First class
Bay area: 100-200 square metre
What belong to trade group: 3 yuan of bridges
Hire carry out trends: Sell
Decorate a state: Menu type
Building category: Tower
Property address: Sunny area 3 Yuan Qiaoshu light on the west in armour 1 (Yuan Xuelian cashmere sweater factory)
Link line position: 3 to 4 annulus
Traffic situation: Project southwest is 3 annulus road, northwest is dawn in, northeast is with phoenix city border on, beijing is southeast by the way.
Develop business: Limited company of estate of Beijing Heng Yanghua grand
Sell certificate: Word of card of Beijing room carry out (2003)102 date
Selling office address: Project spot
Hire / carry out phone: Via checking, the phone already cancelled
Payment: Lump-sum payment, instalment, 8 into 20 years the bank is mortgaged
Hire / price pattern: 11000 yuan / square metre

Project introduction

This project is located in sunny area horn of northeast of 3 yuan of bridges, site of plant of fleecy sweatshirt of lotus of former Beijing snow, guard airport Lu Hedong of 3 annulus hand in collect place, situation is advantageous, traffic fluent, sex of architectural ground mark is remarkable.
This project plot is a rectangle, 230 meters long (face 3 annulus) , 80 meters wide. Project the four boundaries of a piece of land or a construction site: Southwest is 3 annulus road, northwest is dawn in, northeast is with phoenix city border on, beijing is southeast by the way.
What this project whole agrees with the style is muti_function the city is compound integral figure of the center appears, include establishment of business affairs synthesis, advanced apartment, commerce, form a complete set to wait. Always cover an area of a face to accumulate 1.934 hectare, two You Yidong's 150 meters tall business affairs synthesis, 88 meters tall apartment and annex of two bases business are comprised. Total floor area 194635 smooth rice, go up among them total floor area 164345 smooth rice, subterranean total floor area is 30290 smooth rice.
Ever obtained one of office building of 5 big sell like hot cakes.
Equipment decorates:
Complete set business affairs is configured
System of · indoor air conditioning: In the center of type of famous brand door air conditioning, installation reachs the designated position;
System of air conditioning of · public section: A, B the system of central air conditioning that hall of old hall, elevator uses fan coil formula;
· warm water system: Communal toilet provides hot water;
How does · defend a system: Subterranean car reachs the position such as main thoroughfare to install supervisory system inside library, old hall, elevator; Stage of big security personnel is reached to set inside office unit urgent call the police pushbutton; Three-layer face installs glass to roof garden room broken detector; The edifice sets electronic make one's rounds more system; On one page
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