Push go out for a battle formally 2009 to close? Property tax starts opportunity

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In view of China economic progress is extremely lopsided between the area, the country ought to decide property tax extent is in 0.1% ~ 3% between, the income level that occupies our region by local root and should the position of duty estate and utility, specific and firm applicable tax rate. Easy key link of assistant of president of Chinese people bank expresses, the expropriation of property tax will according to " in the center of make decision-making, legislation is saving one class, collect and the standard is in prefectural town " principle, because this specific tax rate will be decided by each places, the whole nation won't implement unified tax rate.

Of course, after all preparation work to had been done, the specific details in be operated actually still is existing a few problems.

At present e.g. China the tax authority is opposite directly scarcely individual levy, be used to however follow unit contact with through the method such as the acting capture that buckle era, but type of this one party applies to house property hard apparently; How is favourable policy designed -- house property of governmental orgnaization, institution is for instance duty-free all the time in the past, can reform progress as a result of them slow, a large number of at rental, management property using that whether to still want to enjoy this one treatment?

In addition, exempt is in a lot of moment are an indispensible tool, to those gold a sector of an area " the village in the city " , and the weak force crowd of low income, from China is at present new the system of dweller safeguard sex that pursue wants to ensure " the person that reside has its house " in light of, derate property tax is actual and necessary choice. If property tax leaves proof, to the management of local government ability is a particularly big challenge, the process is collected actually in property tax in, besides decrease, avoid, conciliation besides these technical measures, more important is how to avoid a society already queasy, safeguard economy to continue again high speed grows.

The question that as be in China the place in an any reform has appeared is same, once vested interest pattern is touched, inevitable meeting reacts somewhat. Once property tax leaves proof, hand in Qian Yue much, the more money has the person of situation, only they just have many house, it is certain that political control is mixed to wear in economy these people that speech counterpoises should have interference and block the way necessarily. But the force that compares vested interest group more let a high level cannot be ignored, it is silent great majority. Because tradition of opaque, lack is used to government spending,wait for a variety of reasons, chinese pay taxes is not active, the individual income tax that has of late is declared encounter cold it is clear proof namely. The great majority that how makes these silent can be accepted and pay the property tax of a year of one capture, make the challenge with the biggest government.
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