Check of building of the SOHO outside face judges the introduction

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Basic message
Property level: First class
Bay area: 180-350 square metre
What belong to trade group: CBD
Hire carry out trends: Rental
Decorate a state: Common share clothbound is repaired
Property address: Wai Street of sunny district court second 6 (postcode: 100022)
Link line position: 2 to 3 annulus
Traffic situation: Be apart from door of rising sun of line of subway outer shroud to stand only 300 meters, 44, 109, 112, 101, 820, 846, adjacent subway 10 lines
Develop business: SOHO China relevant website
Sell certificate: 50 years of property right: Word of card of Beijing room carry out (2005)645 date
Selling office address: Project spot
Hire / carry out phone: 58696666
Payment: Sell the part already sold out, rent only now, detain 3 Fu Yi
Hire / price pattern: 5 yuan / smooth rice. Day

Project introduction
The SOHO outside face is located in inn of sunny area east of Shanhaiguan, be located in in the center of CBD inside business affairs area, face government foreign trader closely 3 rounds when circle and area of the first diplomatic mission lie between Lu Xiangwang to hand in collect gold region. Construction accumulates 19975.06 square metre with the ground, total floor area is 150 thousand square metre about, volume business, office building is an organic whole, mix by two 11 cricoid skirt buildings 25 advocate the building is occlusive composition. The syrup that 18 meters use between building of two cricoid skirt connects corridor to separate for nothing, but in every the layer all has stair, staircase and Lian Lang to join in level, perpendicular direction, form an organic whole. Commercial share area is 50 thousand square metre about, office building area is 70 thousand square metre about. This project is SOHO China another accumulate the item that containing rich building thought and individual character style, with all round the form of building of typical Western Europe that is about to develop is different, there are alley and lane in this building, have road and shopping mall, have square and park, various shops and working station are comprised in architectural interior and fastening repeatedly, be just as a small town, it is the builds ” about “ Beijing exploration that cannot finding anyplace, it is the city ” in “ city.