Push go out for a battle formally 2009 to close? Property tax starts opportunity

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Domestic estate market is the most fetching now a topic of attention, it is when property tax is started, how to collect? According to run technological process normally, property tax also will be rolled out formally the earliest 2009, collecting an object basically will be an area the building in above of 144 square metre. Property tax idling is at present pilot the amplification of limits, do not mean property tax to be able to come this year, unless it surmounts corresponding legislative process, still appear with the appearance of administrative legislation.

Specific and character, because the drag in area ratio such as commercial real estate, office building is less, in relevant research the to this respect controversy in discussing also is least, so property tax may be in 2009 most leave from commercial real estate first proof, then expands levy object the owner that has many house, progressively implementation should own house property only should pay taxes. No matter be in which city is pilot impose property tax, short-term to local estate market impact is met very big, revenue cost is very high also. Because want to understand the house property of everybody, undertake trying to find out the real intention to the building of urban and rural copula and country even, and present imitate is pilot be aimed at town dweller only. And property tax comes on stage, should pass a lot of branches decision-making, the checkup that draft resolution needs to do through legal system of the State Council refers standing committee of National People's Congress again, through " a few read " hind refer a National People's Congress again, take complete ministry course, the shortest also need time 3 years.

From collect building area and character, those who collect property tax to have average to average house and blame house is divisional. The country encourages 90 square metre less than door development and consumption, do not intervene 140 square metre of 90 ~ room develop and buy, but to large family of above of 140 square metre model development and sale are to be held all the time however restrain a manner. Accordingly, at present partial expert thinks, property tax limits a value to be 144 square metre. That is to say, building area is in above of 144 square metre, belong to property tax to collect limits; Contrary, belong to avoid ask for limits.

If once imitate is pilot,become,collect pay actually, its are important the revenue burden that the tax rate that the principle makes namely does not increase pilot city. When be collected actually, the government will be calculated according to the principle of on the low side of truer than the building market prise levy forehead, considering leave first impose estate tax, tax rate is unfavorable decide exorbitantly. The tax rate that the report place that group of research of task of property tax reform refers suggests is 0.3% ~ 0.8% , if impose property tax in order to exceed the tax rate of 0.8% , increase revenue burden of the dweller possibly.
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