(2) inflation and RMB appreciate will hit in future approach the stock market an

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If inflation lasts, the hypostatic economy that shows China cannot bear the weight of small effect enterprise and high administrative cost, final meeting reacts capital market, pull capital market lair. First show is capital market turn ursine, evaporate the accrual of market prise and average investor, make those low effect enterprise reveal one's true features. And right now, the investor that after knowing after, becomes aware acted as the first round cannon fodder. The author believes, decision-making layer is in 6000 bubble is divided when nodding, in point to rapid change when clear fire, really small investor reduces losing motive in promising, but the basic structural frame of the stock market does not change, small investor cannot cast off the destiny of cannon fodder in. Small benevolence with cardinal principles of righteousness accept or reject, choose not hard. As time as its reduce internal heat, be inferior to changing make grail blue chip, let them should get the heavy responsibility that has calm Nereus injection.

On the other hand, the RMB appreciates to be regarded as all along the interest good news of Chinese capital market, it is benefit really good, appreciate in the RMB especially below the premise that is less than an international market to anticipate surrive, will attract international capital in a steady stream to flow into Chinese capital market ceaselessly. Want to adjust economic structure of China, RMB exchange rate forms a mechanism to must be changed, want the anticipation of reaction market.

But to capital market character, the RMB appreciates attribute not certain factor. The influence that negative factor is pair of hypostatic economy remains to evaluate. We cannot cut the ground truly at present witting RMB appreciates what degree, it is the market can be accepted, also be Chinese hypostatic economy can the degree of healthy progress. RMB exchange rate has entered ascendant passageway, had waited for each economic domains to show in manufacturing industry to the influence of hypostatic economy. This hypostatic economy to China is an acid test, also be the test of pair of China economic policy actually, when if be in,RMB exchange rate appreciates, the asset such as Chinese finance continues to be configured to small effect enterprise, will be disastrous as a result so. And the RMB appreciates when turning point, price of RMB asset excessive anticipates disappear, can cause domestic capital outflow. Capital control receives result hard, in fact, exchange rate reform meets those who accompany control to loosen normally, the market is more and more active, control difficulty can be increased.

More those who make a person anxious is, if the RMB appreciates,the government encourages capital outflow, and capital hegemony is in hand of sham investment home, so, appreciate the process that the process is an interest outflow actually. Want to alter this one aspect, best method is the control that loosens home to invest to civilian capital and folk stage by stage, make belongings sex income falls to the market can person in the hand.
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