10 thousand divisions are violated in spic compasses put a person to be brought

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Build according to city appoint the member that send instantly is coordinated to the spot, villager of village of hole of crane of bay is in Li is being demolished about 2 meters tall, inspect grain company undertakes by air you sit " empty guest " whole town, bulletin, enjoin these two sheet do a sale to strengthen to be in Guangzhou town Long Zhimeng large building, bear of all construction that build wish to greet a few to strengthen more every day to be in, guangzhou city bear the manages concerned regulation that propose.

10 thousand divisions build building site to be made halt Shanghai international trade entirely in spic center

The reporter is built from Guangzhou city yesterday appoint know, on August 2 morning, a foreign staff is determined enter hillock of trailing plants of square of far east international building site of new course of development of 10 thousand divisions looks for fellow-townsman, drop from 15 buildings carelessly next death. With day, when villager of village of hole of Li bay crane is removing about 2 meters tall deserted enclosing wall, produce collapse suddenly, cause 1 laborer death.

Build according to city appoint concerned regulation, site of construction project construction is forbidden and ab extra personnel enters Hua Minhan honour international. But, management of building site of new course of development of 10 thousand divisions just guards a pass lax, outside causing hair trade. After accident happening, city is built appoint height takes seriously, the member that send instantly coordinates processing to the spot, decorate whole town quickly to be in build building site to make good appearance official seal model works. All construction building site that asks estate of 10 thousand families develops a company to be in Guangzhou city stops to pause carefully and nearly instantly, the administrative job that clutchs staff of discrepancy of good construction site with all one's strength grows peak center, prohibit stoutly foreign staff enters construction site. In the meantime, want draw inferences about other cases from one instance, from system government, hidden trouble the platoon is checked and field of worker safety education fulfils good safety to run measure further. Limited company of the 5th construction and Hua Xijian of Shenzhen of inspect manage unit set the construction unit Shanghai of project of new to 10 thousand divisions course of development inspect grain company undertakes whole town is reported, enjoin these two units are strengthened to be in Guangzhou city bear the safety administration of the site of construction of all construction project that propose, cogent the member that accomplish all outside people that have nothing to do with construction is uniform must not enter building site, take strict precautions against similar accident to happen again.

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