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Jiangxi saves a government to ask each district Jiangxi saves construction hall to will be by September, and Jiangxi full benefit was reached 2007 in low income family, economy of 23 thousand counties that visit town is applicable the room is actual, start working always organizes this before the end of the year new China couplet edifice is located in set go into operation of area downtown the city zone among them south, group of dragon of peaceful of capital city new Shanghai (dragon of peaceful of the following abbreviation) , the plot of the lane of market opening iron pipe that defending new market opening however clutchs with two construction.

Xinhua net Nanchang on August 15 special telegram (reporter Liu Chen, Li Meijuan) for cogent make good economy applicable room builds the job, jiangxi saves a government 14 days to ask, each district beard accelerates construction plan below the premise that assures quality, truly large building of Hong Kong new world is protected all shook 2007 a door of be the lucky number new home can be moved before the end of the year.

Applicable room and cheap hire the economy that the reporter holds from 14 days square of international of sea of the Huaihe River on room job conference learns, each district of demand of Jiangxi province government clutchs construction, ensure to the city zone of all downtown that establish a division was saved completely before the bottom in September applicable room builds 2007 year economy the project is comprehensive complete, the person that allow all be the lucky number can live before the end of the year on bridal chamber.

Meanwhile, province government returns a requirement, each district economy of edifice of international of 2008 year east is applicable before Fang Helian hires a room to build a project to want to be by September, be under construction on full steam. The city of Shanghai of success rainbow bridge that works to assure these two, hall of Jiangxi province construction will be by September twice with the organization before the end of the year superintend and director is checked.

It is reported, economy of county of city of Jiangxi complete province is applicable 2007 gross area of real go into operation amounts to the room 3.472 million square metre, in be 45 thousand, low income family solved housing problem, set area of start working of area downtown the city zone to amount to 2.412 million square metre among them; This year inside year, jiangxi builds new go into operation economy applicable room 1.63 million square metre, benefit and in low income family 23 thousand.

Nanjing plans to build " the first high-rise of Asian " the message comes out from 2004. This plot that is located in alley of iron pipe of opening of Nanjing city new market the price with 520 million yuan by the coronal with Nanjing " ground king " . After many twists and turns later, nanjing " ground king " in falling into bursa of group of Shanghai peaceful dragon. But, after all money that paid an auction land, group of Shanghai peaceful dragon (dragon of peaceful of the following abbreviation) the gold treasure ground that defending new market opening however nots throw the troops into battle, is this why? Yesterday, " daily economy news " the reporter sees to the spot, current, this " ground king " parking lot be usinged as, hit on enclosure full wine kind the advertisement of the product.
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