Rise hold dish of personnel accomplishment plan of reasonable arrangement sale

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Mode of demonstrative sale promotion is in produce change, how do 2 go up should purposeful quality: We want but my individual feels these advertising are real the effect is worth misgive to understand what media looks to sign up for paper, network to wait to sell behavior as implementation this year each purpose sex is only on one hand. The gist that I think more important is advertisement is released is planted the real estate on media waits for this kind to turn bibcock edifice.

Compere: Have a kind of such appearances, before a few years of markets are hot, the ground collects silver-colored square to produce scale of sale promotion expenses to drop, a lot of projects one open quotation is grabbed smooth, the room cannot see almost on landed newspaper ad model with the price, as market environment austere, the price and room returned a newspaper again wide on, mode of promotion of this specification sale is in produce change, are 2 like land large building (edifice of flying carve international) why does look upon transform this kind?

Wang Kefei: This involves the microcosmic level of sale. Everybody noticed, this year inferior the landed advertisement on all sorts of media such as newspaper of business affairs center, network is apparently more than last year rise, the sale operation person of this specification project is popularizing their project hard, from apparently the propagandist strength that saw such doing increase a project apparently, but my individual feels these are wide explain the actual result that communication breath square announces is worth misgive.

Compere: How do you think the practical effect of advertisement sale should assure?

Wang Kefei: We want on media choice purposeful quality: We should understand what media suits what advertisement purpose. For instance newspaper, magazine, the characteristic of media of this kind of public decided it is applied effectively at purpose of of all kinds advertisement, no matter we show level,be to should be done the brand guides or the product guides or sales promotion activity, this is the first selection media of real-estate industry. However, similar TV, webpage, outdoors wait for this kind of media actually more apply to a brand to guide with brand aggrandizement, sell behavior end as implementation, not be the most appropriate carrier certainly.

Wang Dong: I feel, purpose sex is only on one hand. There should be systematization and purpose sex on the gist that I think more important is advertisement releases: We should make clear us every phase every time, what should every edition advertisement deliver to sell information, what to achieve to sell an end. Classics regular meeting sees such a few " newspaper edition " , let a reader do not clear he wants what to tell people, try to attend to big and small matters all at once, say not clear it is brand advertisement or sale advertisement, "Dot " much and random, the purpose is ambiguous.

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