Is Chinese estate market put in forestall

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Resemble us such, be felt strange without the person by housing problem classics. Become year of housing to spread out when housing. People chooses love, have can become without housing light solve Chinese housing problem to want to solve above all, definitely is the problem forestall of presence of one estate market? Development business often returns acting value with sarcastic dialect and these fabulist, often be called by Hai Xingan field most the firmly kidnap that tells truth.

Without which nation, resemble us such, by kidnap of housing problem firmly, problem of countless factitious housing is anxious. Bearing when those heavy the people that still shifts pressure, in muddy smile is lost in becoming aware like that, where are the appeal of large building of new world of life Hong Kong and meaning? Now, the dream of a lot of youths is actually around wear what can have one ring room to spread out. People chooses love, have can make an epochmaking standard without housing. And to such phenomenon, had felt without the person willow forest edifice is strange it seems that. Make the core of young generation viewpoint of value when housing, where is the future of this nation?

-- " book of Chinese sex black skin (2008) "

The rescue Fang Nu, asking that solves Chinese housing problem to want to solve above all what is problem of large building of bank of an ancient name for China?

My answer is: Smash up a monopoly!

Is Chinese estate market put in forestall? Development business often refutes this question with the dialect of edifice of sarcastic Shanghai futures. News dominates in control of group of strong vested interest, the palm accuses speech to counterpoise today, how many truth is by flintily cloak? And these fabulist, often be called most the person that tells truth! Black and white reverse is like this.

In Chinese estate market, exist two big confirmed forestall. It is local government the forestall to land. 2 it is development business the forestall to estate market (the rig that includes to be developed to the building of course) .

Sell one's own things of land of local government forestall (auction) authority, it is the germ that brings about price to rise. The unified commandeer that land lays in a center to fulfill pair of land on behalf of the government, unified buy, function of unified reserve, unified sell one's own things.

Land lays in the sell one's own things of central forestall land, it is a when bring about development of deformation of Chinese estate market main source. Report gives 3 big questions inside this:

The first, whether the problem for public interest. According to our country " constitution " regulation, it is OK that the country needs for public interest commandeer land, and land reserve center is to lay in land first, it is for public interest after all this premise is nonexistent. Because the land of reserve may be to sell development business already, offer commercial development, also may use at public interest truly, but " constitution " very specific provision is for the need of public interest, violate constitution possibly without this premise. Our country " constitution " regulation: "Urban land belongs to a country all. The land of country and urban suburban district, except by law the regulation belongs to a country all beyond, belong to collective all; Curtilage base and plot of land for personal needs, remain mountain oneself, also belong to collective all. " " any organize or the individual does not get embezzlement, buying and selling to perhaps make over land illegally with other form. The access of land is OK the regulation of according to law is made over. " so, the premise that if land lays in a center,lays in land is nonexistent, with respect to may unconstitutional regulation.
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