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Build 4 board piece, namely forum of classics of abundant stage headquarters cans be found everywhere, besides beautiful after first forum ends, forum summary induced centrally of main opinion and proposal first area appoint mirror with the government; Nice area is had to compare a dominant position in obtaining each respect to develop to aid. Whole area gross area is heart of classics of 305 southwest area and grandiose blue aid area, bright red door to take Hai Xingan field to install.

Abundant stage area is located in southwest, all through the ages is called " of Beijing south gate " . " Beijing city overall planning " the fixed position of area of stage giving abundant is " urban function extends an area " . According to this one fixed position, abundant stage area " 915 " the program puts forward clearly " it is direction in order to expand capital economy, take the route that the industry of efficient tall radiant emitance grows high end. " " exert oneself compose builds economy, base career of new system of establishment of plinth of China couplet edifice, management, public service, social security, society the 6 old systems that prop up " . Do strong 5 industries, namely matter of line of business of industry of new and high technology, real estate, contemporary service, trade sheds tourism of course of study, culture. Build 4 board piece, namely zoology develops area of division of area of economy of abundant stage headquarters, trade of garment of bright red door, business affairs of Li Zejin be in harmony and river on the west area.

"Frankly speaking, all sorts of domestic economy forum cans be found everywhere, besides beautiful Chu Huaihai international square heart is mixed grandiose blue print, what people pays close attention to more is the actual effect of forum. Is 5 areas forum opposite Beijing southwest after all did linkage of large building of new world of 5 areas Hong Kong have much big effect? " face the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of abundant stage area that once sponsorred forum of the first 5 areas standing vice-chairman Bao Shunxin, reporter call a spade a spade.

"Forum just begins, after first forum ends, center of forum Ji Jiahua should induce centrally main opinion and proposal, the immediate positive result that serves as forum parts by 5 areas the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference to this trifling appoint mirror with the government; The attention that gained each respect to develop a problem to southwest region economy and society and support. " Bao Shunxin also says tastily to the reporter: "At least if do not have such chance, you won't be big old far run quickly, listen to me to say abundant station. "

Intellective and concentrated only ZhongGuanCun

Abundant stage area has nice area to compare a dominant position in capital economy progress. Whole area gross area is 305.8 square kilometer, district crosses capital southwest 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 annulus road, beijing stone, Beijing leaves, Beijing ferry pond freeway and Beijing 9, Beijing hill, Beijing wide, Beijing railroad of former, Feng Sha and railroad of iron of city of Beijing ferry high speed from abundant stage only then piece, beijing railroad west station, Li Zeqiao and 6 lis of bridges are long-distance and public transportation station of passenger transport hub all is located abundant stage, still have the iron of city of many urban district in be being built, make the extend in all directions inside area, the development that is economy brought advantage. Whole area often lives population 1.693 million, the member that business of dimensions above industry has person of activity of science and technology 6276 people. Halt city belongs to company unit, universities and colleges to wait in the center of the area gather have 70 thousand brainpower, can calls the 2nd big intelligence of Beijing concentrated area. Force of these science and technology are the fresh troops that abundant stage area accelerates development undoubtedly.
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